Peugeot 308SW

The 308SW features cutting edge technology, redefining standards in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.
Every aspect of the interior has been carefully designed to deliver the maximum space and comfort.
Plus, it was the recipient of the pretiguous "European Car of the Year 2014" award! 




5 door station wagon


2 adults + 3 children, or 4-5 adults with sensible luggage

Vehicle dimensions

4.58 metres long & 2.04 metres wide (including outside mirrors)

Covered luggage volume

610 VDA litres

Boot dimensions

0.708m high x 1.069 deep x 1.078m wide (under luggage cover)


2L + 2M + 3S (L=69x55x24cm, M=63x51x22cm, S=54x40x21cm) 

Vehicle Features

Click here for the 2018 vehicle specifications / features.

Petrol or Diesel?

If you are planning to drive less than 17,000kms (manual) or less than 7,700kms (auto) we recommend you book a PETROL vehicle.
Recommendation is based on 21 day price differential only, using average petrol/diesel prices in France (€1.37/€1.25 respectively) as at end Sep 2017.

Vehicle manual

Click here for instructions on how to download an ENGLISH LANGUAGE manual onto your smartphone or tablet.

Note: this vehicle does not have a CD player, instead it has a USB port / AUX plug for memory sticks / i-Pods etc.









While it is not Peugeot's biggest or most expensive station wagon, it does have the most luggage room. Here is a photo from a recent customer - although the luggage cover couldn't quite go over the red suitcase. But they also fitted numerous backpacks and other hand luggage!