First tank of fuel

All vehicles come with just 10-15 litres of fuel, so your first stop after collecting your vehicle should always be at the nearest fuel station.
If you would like to take delivery of your vehicle with a full tank of fuel, please make this clear at the time of placing your reservation. 
This is a set price determined for an entire year, plus it includes a fee to cover the staff/admin costs in making it happen.

The cost for a full tank of fuel on collection for the 2019 season in NZD:

  Petrol Diesel
208 $185 N/A
2008 $185 $165
308 $185 $165
308SW $220 $200
3008 $220 $200
5008 $220 $200
508 N/A $220
508SW N/A $220
Rifter $220 $200
Traveller N/A $255