See before you choose

We encourage you to visit your nearest Peugeot showroom to ensure you choose the most appropriate car for your holiday in Europe. 
The showroom staff are happy for you to try your suitcases and yourselves in the range of Peugeot vehicles they have available to ensure everything and everyone will fit.

Unfortunately you will not be able to "test drive" a car. One of the reasons is that the vehicle specifications and performance differ between NZ & European models.

Click here to find your nearest Peugeot showroom.

Remember, you are unable to upgrade or downgrade on collection so it is important that you choose a car that is the right size for you and your luggage.


Not all models are available to view in New Zealand (including the 508 sedan, Partner van & Traveller van).
The new 5008 SUV is scheduled to arrive late 2017 / early 2018.