Tow Bar

Peugeot EuroLease NZ and Peugeot Sodexa France are unable to arrange the fitting of a tow bar. Therefore, we have very limited knowledge and information on the intricacies of tow bars and anything associated with them.

Peugeot do however allow tow bars to be fitted at a Peugeot Garage whilst you are in Europe, with the following conditions:

- You must organise it yourself and pay locally (note: they can take some time to organise and install and there can be delays with regard to the availability of parts, so you should be prepared for this). We recommend you start organising this at least 4 weeks prior to collection.

- Your car insurance policy does NOT include cover for your trailer. You must arrange your own insurance for the trailer.

Other Important points to consider

- Some countries (one country we are aware of is Italy) are unable to fit tow bars to French registered vehicles.

- You should also consider the registration of the trailer to ensure it is valid in the country(s) you intend to drive in (eg. you cannot tow a trailer that has been shipped from New Zealand and only registered in New Zealand).

- The requirement of a tow bar, whether known by us or not, does not form part of any contract between Peugeot EuroLease / Peugeot Sodexa and you (the client). It is entirely your responsibility to organise and make yourself aware of any legal or otherwise requirements relating to the tow bar itself or anything associated with it.