Pair of Snow Chains

Important Note: if you are travelling during the winter months (Nov-Apr) it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate tyres fitted to your vehicle, as may be required by law in each country. 
Click here for a link to the AA's UK web-site for more information.

The assembly-line tires originally fitted to Peugeot vehicles when they leave the factory are multipurpose. This means that they are suitable for varied driving conditions, which excludes extreme conditions such as the presence of large volumes of snow or water on the roadway. Unfortunately we cannot have special sculpture tires such as "snow" or "contact" tires fitted to our normal range of vehicles.

We do not offer any models for lease in 2020 with winter tyres. Snow chains are required sometimes and must be purchased locally. In mountain areas, most of the large supermarkets have auto-parts departments, as well as gas stations, or auto-parts shops. For example, in France: Norauto, Leclerc Auto, Carrefour Auto. To be sure of the exact fitting, you can also order snow chains from a Peugeot dealer.