GPS & Accessories

All accessories must satisfy precise schedules of specification based on functionality and quality. Having said this, certain accessories require more complex studies than others, in that they concern safety.
The aim of this approach is to offer reliable and very high quality accessories, at the lowest cost. Please note: all accessories prices are in New Zealand dollars and are subject to confirmation at time of booking.

Note: Accessories are elements that come in addition to the vehicle. If they must be installed, this is undertaken by Peugeot, and is included in the sale price. You therefore purchase brand new accessories at a preferential tax-free price, including installation.
You are then the owner and can thus keep the accessory at the end of the contract. (Excludes GPS unit which is built into the vehicle.)

The request for an accessory must in all cases be made at the time of your initial booking, and noted on your contract and voucher. If you add an accessory after your booking has been confirmed we may not be able to guarantee it.