Do I need an International Drivers Permit?

Holders of a NZ or Australian drivers licence, planning to drive in ITALY or OUTSIDE THE EU, you MUST have an International Drivers Permit (IDP) - in conjunction with your national licence. Cost is approximately NZ$40 from the AA.
We are not aware of any other EU countries where an IDP is compulsory, however it is highly recommended.

Will I receive a right-hand drive vehicle, as I am collecting from London?

No. All vehicles are LEFT-HAND DRIVE only.

Where can / can't I drive my Peugeot?

Please either refer to "What you need to know" and the Peugeot EuroLease Booking Conditions document, sub-heading "Vehicle Insurance" or the "Insurance & Assistance" page of this website for a list of the countries and places where you can drive your lease car.

If I want to extend my lease, can I do this through my travel agent in New Zealand?

No. Extensions are possible, however they are at a higher price and can only be arranged directly with Peugeot Open Europe in France (their contact details will be provided with your final documents and are on our website under PRICING -> Extension Prices).

If I have to return home for whatever reason, can I obtain a refund for the days I have not used?

A partial refund is available in some cases only. Please refer to "Early Returns" in our Booking Terms and Conditions.

If I book a car that is too small/big can I upgrade/downgrade on arrival?

No, so it is vital that you choose your size of vehicle carefully. 
Please feel free to take your passengers and luggage into your nearest Peugeot showroom to help choose the best vehicle for your needs.

I've heard that a diesel model is cheaper to run. Is this true?

Diesel is approximately 10% cheaper than petrol in most countries through Europe plus it goes further, however petrol vehicles are cheaper than diesel vehicles plus they are becoming more and more fuel efficient which is minimising the overall differential.

Are my personal belongings covered by the vehicle insurance policy?

No they are not. Please ensure you have good travel insurance to cover your personal belongings.

If I collect and return in Europe, can I still take my vehicle to the UK and/or Ireland?

Yes you can. You will have to pay the charges to take your vehicle on the ferry etc, however the vehicle is fully insured in both the UK and Ireland.

Does Peugeot provide detailed road maps on collection?

No. We recommend that you buy a good Michelin or similar Road Atlas from either a book shop, specialty map shop or on-line - either before you leave New Zealand or before you collect your vehicle. (Buying maps in Europe is a good idea as they are more likely to be printed with the local spelling of place names eg. Firenze instead of Florence etc.)

Does Peugeot provide winter tyres?

Peugeot offer a very limited range of vehicles with "Grip Control" technology .
Contact Peugeot EuroLease for more information if you intend driving in Europe from mid October to mid April.

What can you tell me about toll roads?

There are toll roads throughout Europe and the way they work varies.

In Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia for example, you must purchase a sticker (otherwise known as a 'vignette') at fuel stations near the border and display it on your windscreen.

In many other countries you collect a card when you enter a toll road, then insert it into the machine when you exit. The amount due is displayed on the screen and you simply insert your credit card to make payment. Do take care with your speed as you can get a speeding ticket if you have driven too quickly between toll gates.

Wikipedia is a great source for information on different countries and their toll systems.
Note: debit cards are not always accepted. Plenty of small notes/coins and standard Visa/Mastercard credit cards are recommended - as well as plenty of patience and a sense of humour.

In Portugal, new "electronic" toll roads have been introduced - refer www.visitportugal.com for more information.

PS - www.viamichelin.com is a fabulous web-site that can give you approximate toll costs between cities.

Where can I find detail on road rules & road signs throughout Europe?

Please refer to the section INFORMATION -> 'Country Requirements' for more information.

Can I take my car on a ferry?

Yes, you can take your Peugeot on any registered vehicle ferry company throughout Europe - as long as it is in a country where you are permitted to drive of course.

What are the rules with drink driving?

You will have no insurance cover if you have an accident and it is found that you have consumed alcohol (over the legal limit in that country).