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Feedback on our Holiday

Just some positive feedback on our wonderful holiday using Peugoet Eurolease.   We had our car ("Bluey")  for 29 days and travelled 6000kms from Paris to Rome meandering down through France then across to Italy.  We had a little difficulty working the GPS system ("Betty") at first  as both of us had never really used one much before,  but once we worked it out there was no stopping us.  At one point when planning our holiday we were going to use trains as our mode of transport but after some research and studying your excellent website thoroughly we decided on self drive instead.  So pleased we did. We would have missed so much of the most beautiful countryside and character of these amazing countries, especially France.  With the combination of using a mixture of airbnbs and hotels and by choosing  Peugeot Eurolease we managed the most amazing holiday that did not cost a small fortune.  Our Peugeot had all the mod cons from folding side mirrors (essential in Amalfi) to Bluetooth enabling us to sinc up my French and Italian playlists to the car stereo.   

I would like to add that your inspiration page from past customers was one of the  sources of choosing our itinerary.  And we were pleased to see couples of a similar age choosing self drive.  It was a little stressful at times we admit with the driving but overall we learnt fast and would most definitely do it again.  In fact we only got lost a couple of times,  which looking back now are a  source of amusement  for us! 

Thank you Peugeot Eurolease for a great holiday and thank you Delwyn for your guidance when we were booking earlier in the year.  The chat box on your website is great and very efficient.  The little Peugeot was great and we never even had to lift the bonnet. 

Would we do it all again?  You bet!

A photo of the Pont du Gard that we took whilst canoeing up  the Gard River

Sutherland, Sep-Oct 2017


We drove 5,000kms in the UK with a left-hand drive ...

Well, we spent 7 solid weeks travelling up and down the UK, clocking up about 5,000 kms.

That Peugeot 508SW diesel automatic with GPS is not a bad car (kiwi speak for "actually I can’t fault it").

Some advice for folks driving a left-hand drive Peugeot EuroLease in the UK:

1. Take a Kiwi flag and stick it to the windows. We received strange looks and comments from young and old alike for driving a French registered (red number plate with EU flag & F sticker) car through 'their' village. Once they reaslied we were Kiwis, they were much friendlier.

2. Don’t learn to drive a left-hand drive in central London - keep to the outskirts / countryside.

3. You can’t lock a keyless car when you leave the spare key/remote inside the car!

4. Take the time to name the built-in GPS with a clever name, especially if you choose a woman’s voice. When her incorrect or “off” instructions send you down the wrong road, it becomes a marriage saver to give the GPS lip instead of one another!

5. If you’re driving in the Cornwall narrows, driving a left-hand drive car means you can skim the hedge rows on your left, giving you a bit more flexibility for space on the right-hand side, because you really do know how close you are.

We have lost count of the travelling folks we have bumped into who we have detailed who and what Peugeot Eurolease is all about. Most were amazed and were intending to look into it for their next trip. We will continue to rave about it.

The price and service was impeccable, from start to finish in NZ to the UK, including the Heathrow airport pick-up and drop-off. The 508SW was only just capable of transporting 4 adults and their luggage for 42 days. It was a trick to manage, but the vehicle was about the right size for the UK’s little roads.

MUCH APPRECIATED, great service, great product offering!

D Hare, Aug-Sep 2016


Tips from a 9th time Peugeot EuroLease customer ...

The 308 Select petrol with GPS was an absolute gem - very quick. It was well trimmed with very comfortable supporting seats, (plus ours had a glass roof that was a bonus!) great handling, super brakes (only needed them once when a pedestrian with headphones and iphone stepped out right in front of us!) and best of all it had a great turn of speed - just what you need to get past the lumbering snail houses on mountain roads.

The Milan Linate pick up location is quite a small tight yard right by the airport, only 20 minutes from central Milan, but was easy for the taxi to find especially with the location details you provided. It was all very Italian (slightly chaotic) but it worked out fine. We had a bit of banter, a few laughs over language, set up the GPS and we were on our way. It is a great location only 2 minutes from the Milan Tangentiale / ring road with access to the Autostrada / motorways in any direction and plenty of fuel options very close by. As the car only had 4kms on the clock I took it easy for the first 100kms with max 2,500rpm.

The service at Paris CDG Airport (for our return) was as professional and faultless as ever.

Overall it was as brilliant as ever and by far the best way to travel in Europe.

Just a couple of tips that might be of use for others to consider:

1.  Always enter the Latitude/ Longitude into the GPS for your drop off location (and other locations), not the street address. It is much more accurate than street addresses. (eg. for Paris CDG it will take you to within 20m of the carpark barrier.)

2.  Use for route planning as the times quoted are much more accurate than the car GPS which is very optimistic. For example, Talloires (nr Annecy) to Paris CDG drop off = 590kms. The car GPS estimated that as taking 5hrs 30mins, ViaMichelin estimated 6hrs 33mins. My actual driving time was 6hrs 37mins and I was driving the legal speed limits to the max all the way.

3.  How to avoid the Paris Peripherique. If going to CDG from anywhere South / South West of Paris on the A5, A6, A10, A11 - change to the N104 which is the outer-outer ring road for Paris. It is well marked, just follow the signs. Ignore your GPS instructions until the last 30kms or so, because your GPS will never initially take you to CDG on this road. Whilst traffic can be heavy it always seems to keep moving unlike the Peripherique where nearly always there are big traffic jams and you can lose anything from 30mins to a couple of hours with delays. [our GPS reported 15kms of standstill traffic on a Sat afternoon!]

I hope this helps and one again, thank you for your great service.


R Walters, September 2016

Driving a left-hand drive in the UK ...

We had an excellent holiday and really enjoyed driving the 3008. We spent the majority of our time in the UK up to the top and back down. Initially I was a little unsure as to whether I would be happy driving a left hand drive for so long in the UK but it was no problem at all and in fact I think there were as many advantages as disadvantages, particularly as a lot of the roads are narrow and have hedges and stone walls to navigate.

The below photos were taken up in Scotland on the North Coast 500 route that has a lot of one way roads with passing bays - this route was one of the highlights of our trip.

When my wife first saw the car she was a little concerned that it was white and would look dirty all the time, but despite a lot of mixed weather conditions it was fine and with a quick clean every now and again looked very smart.

Thanks for your excellent service here in NZ - we will certainly use your services again if we do a similar holiday, and will definitely recommend you to others.

D Marshall, Jun-Aug 2016

NB: the below 3008 is not the new (2017) SUV version.


Peugeot Partner & tips for Germany & Switzerland ...

The lease went very well. The Peugeot Partner proved ideal for us with plenty of room for our passengers (especially the sliding back passenger doors) and heaps of covered room for our luggage.

The pick up in Milan (Linate) was fine, except that they were a little unfamiliar with our vehicle, so it took a few minutes to sort out how to work the rear middle seat belt, but they were very helpful in sorting that out.   

At the drop off (Munich) we had to wait a few minutes to gain access to the yard as the employee was getting a client from the airport. The narrow shingle track off the main road to the depot was hard to spot - we went past it twice.

It was great getting advice that we needed a "green" sticker to avoid fines in Germany. Best advice - go to a new car dealership (any make) and ask there. You don't have to go to a Peugeot dealership. The German term for the sticker is Umweltplakette (Feinstaubplakette).

Remind your customers that a sticker (vignette) is required in Switzerland to allow you to travel on motorways. It can be obtained from the customs office at the border at a cost of 40 Swiss Francs.

We will have no hesitation in using EuroLease again.

M Duncan, May-June 2016

We drove 9,000kms and through 5 countries ....

Have attached a photo I took of our trusty Peugeot 308 auto petrol with GPS in an alpine valley in Austria. All up we drove the best part of 9,000 kms around 5 countries in central Europe – from tiny twisting lanes to autobahns and everything in between! Great to have that built-in GPS as well as a good road atlas!

We have told many people about our experience in leasing through the Peugeot EuroLease scheme and we highly recommend it for anyone who is considering a self-drive experience of more than 3 weeks in Europe. We would love to repeat the experience ourselves!

Thank you once again to all involved in making this such a memorable time for us!

K Brown, April-June 2016



Blog - Peta Mathias Sept 2015

I live in Uzès in the South of France for three or four months of the year so I initially spent a lot of time figuring out how I would get around - would I buy a car, rent a car, borrow a car? I decided on a Peugeot 308 with Eurolease, organised from Auckland. It was absolutely the right decision because you get a new car, back-up service, it’s a good price and you don’t have to muck around organising insurance - everything is done for you. Apart from being a very easy car to drive with good vision, good built in GPS and HUGE boot, the best thing about the 308 is the low cost of diesel. It seems to just go forever on the smell of an oily rag which is quite good when you are travelling from Paris to the South of France and forget to look at the gas metre.

I not only use the car to drive around my area shopping at markets, buying kitchen equipment for my new house in Uzès and visiting friends but also for long distance driving to the Basque Country on the other side of France. You just tap the details into the GPS, drive for six hours and after a time of wonder arrive at the door of your hotel. This car took me to bull fights in St-Maries-de-la-Mer in the Camargue, shopping in chic Avignon, gastronomic walks in Marseille, antique markets in Nimes - and all the time it is easy to park, easy to manoeuvre and has really good air-conditioning (35 - 40 degrees outside this summer). I suppose this is why the 308 won European Car of the Year in 2014.

Driving in the South of France is different from New Zealand - the village roads are very narrow, some country roads are unsealed and French folk drive creatively and fast. It takes you a while to get used to it and every time someone screams ‘bloody Parisian’ at me for not going fast enough, I always have to lean out the window and scream, ‘New Zealand cherie’. The Peugeot waited patiently for me outside restaurants while I ate oysters, tellines (like baby pippies), pintxos (tapas), lamb with anchovies and lemon and almond tarts. This car just makes work and research a pleasure - getting in and out of tiny fishing villages, breaking up and down mountains, going fast on motorways …

I can pile three students from New Zealand into the car and zip off to the St-Quentin market to buy anchovies, almonds and mint for our cooking class; petits violets (little purple artichokes), rabbit and Pastis for our main; fennel, cepes (porcini) and parmesan cheese for our salad; and fresh goat cheese and late season figs for our cake. Not to mention flowers - lots of room in the boot for all our purchases.

It’s not stressful dropping it off either. I emailed Eurolease at Nice airport, they gave me clear directions, I drove straight to their carpark, gave them the keys and jumped on the plane to Italy. Pretty chic nest pas?

P Mathias, Jun-Sep 2015 

100% to the EuroLease Team again! Plus an amazing B&B

Yet again we have a 100% scorecard for the team.
We clocked over 8,250 km in 59 days!
The service from both the Bordeaux and Marseille locations was exemplary.
Our 308 Select AUTO was faultless….simply amazing!

I would also love to share with everyone….the most fantastic B&B experience we had.
Le Crot Foulot at Jugy, close to Tornus in Southern Burgundy which is about 20mins South from Beaune.

Hosts are Jan and Annie Hostens, a couple of Belgians who have made France their home. They owned and operated restaurants in Brussels previously. Their meals are at Michelin Star standards - Jan cooks all day to set up the Plat du Jour for the evening meal which is three full courses with canapes and extras! Their breakfasts are massive and stunning too.

Annie is the front of house gal, she is incredibly friendly and welcoming. The building is ancient but the interior is modern, slick, comfortable and sparkling.

Great access to cycle trails and all the delights of Burgundy without the need to live in the hustle and crowds.
Can’t recommend it enough!

S Ferguson, Aug-Sep 2015



Handy Tips!

Our Peugeot 308 petrol manual was fantastic – thank you!


I would like to share some useful tips for other travellers…


  • The GPS is great but you should also have a road map as a back-up.


  • Use the Route Numbers for exits from main roads rather than town names. The GPS map and motorway signs then correspond well.


  • You can search the actual hotel name in the GPS rather than an address which is a great time saver.On the GPS choose the Accommodation option.


  • Downloading the car manual onto a tablet is a good idea, or if you are taking a laptop you could also save it onto a USB stick.


  • Do try the “ecological route” sometimes, you see so much more than on the motorway…..and do you really have to get there so fast?


  • When driving in Spain the N Roads are very good 90km/hr max and no tolls.

    The Autovias are motorway standard, toll free max 120km/hr.  The Autopistas are super highways and tolled max 130 km/hr.


If anyone wants advice on Spain feel free to contact me via Peugeot EuroLease.


D Ryan, Jul-Aug 2015


This hotel is one of the best in the world ...

We drove the Peugeot 308 HDi diesel manual which was very comfortable and pleasant to drive.

Our first stop after landing in Zurich was a family reunion at the Hotel Waldhaus in Sils Maria, Switzerland. This 108 year old hotel is a jewel, run now by the 5th generation of the family that built it. It is approximately 20km from St Moritz.  It is lovingly maintained and sits on a hill between two lakes. I have been a client for approximately 40 years and my children and grandchildren love it too. (It is very child friendly.)

The valley of the Inn River where the hotel is located is one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland. The staff speak German, French, Italian and English. It has a large indoor pool, plus a small orchestra plays light classical music as well as dance music in the bar in the evenings. There are two seasons, winter for skiing and summer for wonderful walks in the mountains. This summer was especially hot in Europe but the hotel is at 1600 meters altitude so it was pleasantly warm during the day and cool enough to sleep at night.

The hotel’s website is and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

B Zucker, Jul - Aug 2015


Some of our favourites places ...

Another great trip yet again! The Peugeot 308 diesel manual most enjoyable - the six forward gears were excellent, especially on the motorways.

We covered some long distances in the first fortnight and the car enabled us to stay in the outside lane when necessary and the acceleration meant that we did not need to be buried in the truck lanes when the going got tough. The close range between fifth and sixth gave us the edge on hills and for passing.  All this sounds like a racing driver when really I'm quite conservative but do like to cover the distances quickly and safely.

A word for the GPS. Mighty! We have always been map people and enjoy preparing our route, then finding our way. This time, while it was still good to have a map, the GPS took the stress out of everything! Decision making, especially when navigating the ring road around Turin and returning the car to Paris CDG Airport, was a breeze with the GPS!

We would also like to share some our favourites...

Our favourite Pairs hotel:

Our favourite property for 15 years in Mirabel aux Baronnies, Provence:

Our favourite B&B Vermenton, Burgandy:

Our favourite activity – ‘Truffle Hunting’ in Umbria, Italy:

Our favourite property in Puglia, Italy:

C Floyd, Jun-Aug 2015



A few tips to pass on ...

We had a great time in Europe with our Peugeot 208 petrol manual.

I have a few tips to pass on to customers:

  • Collection from Geneva involves a phone call then someone comes to pick you up and take you to where the cars are stored

  • It is essential you have a mobile phone and you should be very careful about what type of SIM card you get as some of the charges are outrageous

  • We used primarily to arrange accommodation and that worked pretty well. was OK but you have to be very careful to read the descriptions carefully.

  • Be very careful to make sure you have a vignette for the country you’re about to visit. Get it before you cross the border as some countries seem to use it as a money making exercise. We got stung 150 Euro in Slovenia as we misunderstood where you had to get this vignette. They fine you on the spot and aren’t interested in any form of explanation. Leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

  • Ensure you have a GPS together with a general overview map (road atlas).

This photo was taken on the Fuka Pass in Switzerland.

P Knox, May-July 2015


The best way to see Europe!

We spent a lot of time weighing up the best way to see Europe – bus, train, plane, bus tour, car – and finally settled on Peugeot EuroLease.

It turned out to be a great choice. This was reaffirmed when chatting to various other travellers en route, especially those who chose other methods of getting around.

The main benefits of a Peugeot EuroLease self-drive holiday were:

- The freedom to change our travel plans as we went (sometimes due to weather conditions, sometimes just because)

- The flexibility of accommodation options and how we lived day to day.

Now to the car.
We chose the Peugeot Economy 308SW 6 speed manual diesel station wagon with GPS (European Car of the Year 2014).

I was very relaxed driving a manual car. The GPS was more advanced than other ones I have experienced in recent years (Canada), and was very good at self-correcting when a turn was missed.

A big talking point was the fuel economy. No matter what type of driving – mountain, rural, residential, motorway – it never went over 4.7ltr/100km, and at some points was as low as 3.8ltr/100km. Phenomenal!

On average we drove 1,300km on a full tank of diesel, and not a large tank at that (53 litres).

We travelled 7,300km in the 42 days we had the vehicle. 

Pick-up at Rome airport, and drop-off at Calais in France was quick and easy.

M White, April-June 2015

Photo: On the Andermatt side of the Oberalp Pass in Switzerland. And that is real snow!

Our 308 Glove Box ...

We had a great time with yet another car from you.  This was number 4 and the New 308 Pack was just fantastic!

One tip I would like to pass on to anyone thinking about getting a car is about the glove box.  When you use the air conditioning, the glove box can act as a fridge for you.  We used it to keep our drinks and food cold and it worked like a dream.

I have also thrown in a picture we took of our car while in a local fishing village about 10km out of Amsterdam.

Ross Tarawhiti
August – September 2014

Over 4,000 kms ...

We had a fantastic time with our New 308 Peugeot Eurolease car.  We drove over 4,000 kms through France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark & Sweden.  We stayed in lots of wonderful B&B’s – we used Trip Advisor and had no disappointments! Great Hotels were – Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof, Ghent – Belgium, Hotel Marotte, Amiens – France, Le Place D’Armes, Luxembourg (right in the middle of the old city).   Best B & B’s – Huis Koning, Brugge - Belgium (outstanding) and Residenz Stadslogement, The Hague.

Diane & Richard Stoddard-Howell
July - August 2014


Guia de Circulacao - document to enter into Portugal ...

As usual our Peugeot EuroLease experience was as good as ever and we loved our Peugeot 5008 Auto! 
Also the Paris CDG location is so easy to pick up and drop off.

We visited Portugal again and this time we managed to get a Guia de Circulacao (document to enter into Portugal).  In the past we never managed to find a customs officer!

So we went into Portugal from Ciudad Rodrigo and the border post was Villar Formoso.  We spent half an hour there while a very helpful officer organised the paperwork (4 copies).  It cost us €1.20!! We asked about what to do when we left Portugal and he said with a smile - if you can find anyone at the border hand it in, otherwise you can post it back or throw it away!! So we still have it.

The Portuguese road toll was easy as well - there was a well signed booth about 10kms from the border where visitors had to put in a credit card - not as hard as the publicity indicated.

C Christian, June - July 2014

An automatic handbrake....brilliant!

Our 11th Peugeot EuroLease and once again we thoroughly enjoyed it!  The New Peugeot 308 drove like a dream and had ample boot space for two large cases, a small golf bag and our two cabin bags!

We did have a laugh when we picked it up in Rome though.  I went to back the car out of its parking place and couldn't find the handbrake.  We called the man back and he showed us - just a touch beside the gear lever, and all automatic!!  Brilliant!

A real highlight was a place called Il Castello di Sinio, in the Barolo wine country area of Piedmonte in Italy.  It is owned by Denise who is of American/Italian origin and was a chef in LA before realising her dream in Italy.  It is a medieval castle dating back to around 1142 and it has been magnificently restored and decorated – the food was magnificent.  For more information visit:

V Cornell, July - August 2014


5,500kms in 6 weeks ...

My wife and I were delighted with our experience driving around Italy in our Peugeot EuroLease.
We travelled from Matera in the deep south to Bellano near the Swiss border, Sorrento to Monterosso on the west coast, Vieste to Venice on the Adriatic - 5,500km in six weeks.

Our driving experience couldn’t have been better. Adapting to left hand drive and a manual gearbox plus driving on the “wrong" side of the road really wasn’t a drama. Our mantra at all intersections was “loosey lefty, tighty righty” to make sure we turned into the correct side of the road.

Our advice for driving on the Autostrade in Italy - don’t venture into the left (fast) lane unless there’s plenty of clear road behind, traffic will come up behind you very fast and sit very close until you move out of the way.
Many of the historic areas have very narrow laneways which pass as roads and our GPS took us onto some very interesting roads which turned into steps or donkey tracks!
Italian drivers are crazy but respectful - you need to be assertive. Stop signs appear to be completely optional (!), pedestrian crossings make convenient parking spots if there are no legal parks available, and there are never any legal parks available!

We would definitely use Peugeot EuroLease for our next trip to Europe.
See our photos - on the famous banking at Monza race track and in Monterosso, Cinque Terre.

P Graham, September - October  2013




From a travel agent ...

As a travel agent, I at last had the opportunity to try the product I had been selling for many years.
This was my first experience with driving on the ‘other side’ and I was definitely nervous about it.

We spent three nights in Toulouse before picking up the car, to get settled after flying, and to get used to looking the other way and observe how the traffic behaved.
There were four of us for part of the trip, so we took a Peugeot 3008 MCP auto diesel with GPS from Toulouse to the Dordogne, Loire Valley and back to Toulouse.

The “Stop&Start” technology that is a fuel-saver, where the engine stops when the car is stopped at lights etc, was a bit startling the first time, but after that we didn’t really notice it. The car responded instantly when we pressed the accelerator.

The 3008 handled beautifully, with good smooth acceleration from the lowest gears. It was like sitting in a cockpit to drive, with everything handy. As the main driver, I found the seat very comfortable, with good back support.

It was a little wider than our car at home which caused a few screeches of “move over!” from the Navigator. We came to the conclusion that the roads are slightly narrower than in NZ!!
I found a previous tip regarding lining up the centre road line with the lower corner of the window helpful in locating myself.

Diesel was between EUR1.37 and 1.54 per litre. The cheapest was at the self-serve station we were directed to from the Toulouse pick up point – EUR1.33.
Supermarkets are the best place to get fuel. You don't even have to buy anything as you do here. As long as you have a debit / credit card with a chip, you should be ok.

Our mileage was around 1768 kms and the fuel cost was around EUR138 total.

Some tips:
- Insist on a good explanation of the GPS and how it operates when you pick up the car.
- Do not trust the GPS with your life as no GPS is ever perfect. Instead, take a detailed road atlas with you. It was not always possible to tell why the GPS was telling us go via a certain way, so you needed to be able to make your own way as well. We also tended to use the map display and turn off the voice directions outside the towns.

The roads (even the country lanes) are very good, well sign posted and smooth, so much that the odd rough road stood out.

Allow much more time for your trip if going via the back roads. Slowing down for the multitude of roundabouts and narrow streets can add to the travel time by quite a bit. That said, I would not like to take a bigger car due to the narrow roads in the smaller villages.

Roundabouts can vary in size from a small south pacific island to a square blob on the road. The biggest ones did not look like roundabouts at first which can catch you out, until you get used to the size variance.

I recommend printing out the French road signs in colour and studying them to check for the odd one that you may not have come across before. Take it with you.

If you can handle the average Kiwi driver, you can cope with French drivers. The only difference I saw was that French drivers MUST overtake – it is in their blood, so let them. They also drive fast. The auto routes were 130 kms or 110 if wet, but the driving was fine if you stayed in the outside (slow) lane. Take note of the speed cameras too!

I found it a definite advantage to advertise via our pink number plate, that I was a tourist. The locals were much more patient!

Happy driving!

A Allen, September 2013

Western & Eastern Europe in 28 days ...

We had a fabulous 28 days in Western and Eastern Europe in our Peugeot 5008 1.6L diesel MCP AUTO with GPS.

We travelled 8,204km and visited a total of 14 countries. We drove into the great cities of Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Sarajevo and Prague.

Having the Peugeot 5008 meant we were able to visit magical places that the average tourist probably misses out. Like Ledlow in Poland - The Palace with the Peugeot 5008 outside (see photo) is now a magnificent partially restored building (still in progress) that is now a very up-market B&B for just NZ$53 a night, beat that!!

The Peugeot 5008 went really well. 

Customer service both in New Zealand and in Europe was very good.

Overall we had a great holiday, made that much more enjoyable by having a Peugeot EuroLease!


B Evans, July-August 2013

We had a fantastic 5 week holiday ...

We had a fantastic 5 week holiday in Italy recently (June / July), in very hot weather often not less than 30 deg C (Rome, Umbria, Florence, Vicenza, Venice and the Italian Riviera), and France (Provence, Paris and Burgundy). 

We covered about 5,000km in our Peugeot 308 manual diesel with GPS. The car was easy to drive, with quite a flexible manual gearbox, it was also very economical being a diesel. It had enough zip to cope with the motorways with ease. Also we appreciated being able to pick the car up in Rome and drop it off at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. 

We did our sums against Eurail, and the Peugeot Eurolease deal came out better with much more fexibility for us to stay in out of the way places that would have been difficult to get to by rail or bus. By the end of our holiday we had become very confident at navigating and driving on the right.

We'd recommend to all customers that you take up to date hardcopy maps as well as using the GPS in case new roads hadn't yet made their way to the GPS software. 

We didn't find the Italian drivers to be too aggressive. Generally they did not want to hit you (!) although they tended to drive quite fast. We found a similar outlook among French drivers, only their roads are generally at a higher standard of repair, especially the minor back roads, so again they tended to drive quite fast. We kept a good distance from other vehicles when travelling fast (130 km/hr) on the motorways which seemed to work. 

The motorway that goes around the Italian Riviera can be dangerous as it is only two lanes wide and has 74 tunnels! 

Italian motorway tolls we found were quite expensive, as were some of the French motorways. 

All in all we'd recommend Peugeot EuroLease - it was a good deal and it helped us to see a great deal of Italy and France with considerable flexibility in where we chose to stay. I'd certainly do it again. 

M Ryman, June-July 2013

Some good tips ...

After my second trip with Peugeot EuroLease, here are a few tips other EuroLease customers may like to take note of:

When you can't avoid leaving possessions in the vehicle, ensure they are out of sight and luggage tray pulled across.
Overnight, leave nothing in the vehicle, and display the emptiness by leaving the glovebox open, and luggage tray up - so any prospective thieves can see the car is empty.

Great B & B's & hotels we experienced included:

Marseille, France - Villa Monticelli, B & B - 
Gordes, France - Hotel Mas Des Romarins - 
Aix-en-Provence, France - Mas des Cabrettes, apartment
Basel, Switzerland - Hotel Brasserie au Violon
Diebolsheim, Alsace, France - Ambiance Jardin, B & B
Berlin - Hecker's Hotel Kurfurstendamm -

Hope this might be of value to others.

B Dunstan, June-July 2013

Our Peugeot 208 was an absolute dream ...

I am happy to report that everything went smoothly on our recent driving holiday in Europe, using Peugeot EuroLease.

Our Peugeot 208 was an absolute dream to drive and I managed to cover 7,575 kms in just 2 months, without feeling tired or stressed. The car was also very economical, averaging 4.6 litres of diesel per 100km, even on motorways (130 km/h) or rather steep alpine roads (Col du Galibier). Consequently, I found that, even with the price of fuel in Europe being higher than in NZ, my fuel bill wasn't as high as I expected. So I didn't have to stop so often at fuel stations which was great. There are quite a few fuel stations in France that are automated, in other words you can only pay with your credit card. There are no attendants, therefore no cash facilities… or even toilets!

Another thing that NZ drivers entering Portugal from Spain (that's the only way to get there by road anyway!) should be aware of is that soon after crossing the symbolic border, they will be faced with a sign saying that foreigners (extranjeros) should follow a lane that will take them to a machine where they have to pay a special road tax (Portuguese people are paying it automatically as the roads are equipped every so often with a battery of overhead cameras which will read their number plates!). Once again, you could only pay by credit card and there was no one there to help if you were willing to pay but only had cash.

On the other hand, there was no one at the border asking how long I intended to stay in Portugal or whether I had the guía de circulaçao you warn us about in the documetation pack, attesting that I wouldn't stay more than 90 days. So that was interesting.

Coming back to the car, I was so glad that I had asked for a GPS-equipped vehicle. I don't know what I would have done without it! It was very reliable and also gave me constant information on the performance of the car, temperature, altitude, etc.

R Scoliege, June-August 2013

We had a ball in our Peugeot 208 ...

We had a ball travelling some 9,000km across 11 European countries in 32 days and much of that was due to our Peugeot 208.

It got us around without any difficulty whatsoever. 
The GPS is a must and the only issue we had was finding our way back to the Peugeot Roissy CDG depot in Paris - the GPS couldn't find the street so we had to use the latitude and longitude co-ordinates but that was easy enough. I changed the drop-off point at the last minute to CDG airport and it was no problem at all - they were very friendly. 

Our Peugeot 208 was fantastic and if I hadn't already bought 2 new cars this year I would buy one! 
Thanks for all the final documentation information, it was clear and accurate.

Here is a fun photo with the car at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland where we stayed a couple of nights.

M Perry, June-July 2013

Thought you might like these photos ...

I thought you might like these photos...

We were driving through the mountains near Ajaccio and came across these wild pigs in a small village. According to the local potter there are about 22 of them that come down to the road some days. 

The second photo was taken as we stopped to enjoy the view of the sea before we arrived in Bonifacio where stopped for a few days.

Our Peugeot 308 Pack HDi diesel 1.6L MCP AUTO with GPS was great ... as we knew it would be!


P Fisher, May-July 2013


A highlight of our 4th winter trip with Peugeot EuroLease ...

A highlight of our 4th winter trip to Europe with Peugeot EuroLease included driving over high mountain passes in the dark (after having missed a turn and being 40km past our destination) - no GPS bookedf, oops - and with 300mm snow on the road. The car of course needed the snow chains and performed better than a 4 wheel drive ... but would not have coped without the chains! 

We were absolutely amazed at the fuel economy in our 308SW manual diesel 1.6L - nearly 1,400km on a tank of diesel! 

Pick-up at Geneva airport as smooth as ever with friendly helpful staff. 
The drop-off at Amsterdam was excellent and whilst the venue had changed we received good email advice about the new location.

Advice for fellow travellers:
- Take extra time when picking up your vehicle to check the features of the car and/or visit a NZ showroom before leaving. 
- Have a cell phone with you either with a local sim card or international connection for emergency use. 
- Purchase road tax stickers (vignette) to fix to your windscreen before driving on the Swiss or Austrian motorways. (France and Italy have pay as you go toll roads. Germany is free.)
- The motorway stops in Germany are fabulous with usually 3 or 4 choices of food outlets and the cleanest toilets you could possibly imagine. Definately worth spending a penny, so to speak. 

This latest 42 day trip in the height of the European winter was our 4th and once again the use of the Peugeot 308 station wagon with its reliability, space for all our ski gear, and extreme value for money made the trip safe, comfortable and affordable for us. 
We will no doubt do something similar again - perhaps in the summer next time. 

We can highly recommend Peugeot EuroLease to any travellers planning a self-drive holiday in Europe.

I & A Ayson, Jan-Feb 2013

We have now returned after a wonderful trip to France and Spain ...

We have now returned to New Zealand after a wonderful trip to France and Spain. Our trip was greatly enhanced by the fact we chose a Peugeot EuroLease - 208 Select MCP AUTO 1.6L diesel wtih GPS. The little car performed magnificently and my worries about driving on the right hand side of the road and sitting on the left evaporated after just a few days.

The on board GPS system worked perfectly. This was my first experience with GPS. The thought of getting out of Charles de Gaulle Airport gave me sleepless nights in the days before, but I need not have worried. First of all it guided us to the fuel station to fill up and even got us back on track when we missed the first turning! It then had us sailing through the Paris traffic and on our way to Bayeux.

After our stay in Bayeux we went to visit friends in Brittany and it unerringly delivered us to the correct address but the wrong house! There were two number nines in the street.

Our trip took in the west of France and northern Spain and the GPS guided us safely to each destination. The wee Peugeot hummed along the French and Spanish motorways with ease but, at the same time, was in its element in the narrow streets of Santilliana del Mar and Teruel. It was extremely economical delivering a consistent 4.5 litres/100 kms.

It took two well packed suitcases in the boot with a little bit of room for other bibs and bobs. We had no trouble with thieves or vandals but took the precaution of securing the luggage in the boot with a bicycle chain.

A tip on how I judged where to position myself on the road when driving a left hand drive car for the first time:  I found that if I made sure the centre line was going into the left corner of the windscreen then I was usually well placed in the lane.

The were no negatives, although I was nervous when the Avignon office phone number went straight to answerphone when we called to confirm our return date and time as instructed. But a simple message including my name and return date and time was left and everything turned out fine. 

As far as the GPS is concerned it worked magnificently but, as your information advises, it is most important to have a good map book of the countries you are travelling to. The GPS has a tendency to want to take the shortest route and, in the case of Teruel, will direct you through tortuous narrow streets only 100 millimetres wider than your wing mirrors or go wandering off through narrow country lanes unnecessarily. Not the sort of circumstance where you can follow the instruction, "If possible do a U turn". I loved the calm and unflustered voice of the GPS and that reassuring blue line.

Once again, thanks for enabling us to have such a wonderful trip,

C & M Coke, May-June 2013

Yet another successful trip to Europe ...

We have recently completed our third Peugeot EuroLease holiday within five years. Altogether we have travelled more than 32,000kms through France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Italy, San Marino, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Andorra.

As a relatively 'seasoned' traveller our tips to new customers include the importance of choosing the right sized vehicle for your needs (go to your nearest Peugeot showroom with your luggage to help), definitely book a diesel, plus GPS is highly recommended - never 100% perfect, but worth every cent!

Also, while we have never had a problem, we are always vigilant with our security - keeping anything of value out of view, or better yet not left in an unattended car.

And finally, we can't stress enough the importance of spending the time before you leave NZ to research well - it makes a huge difference to your overall experience.

If any future EuroLease customers would like any information or advice we are happy to help - please contact Peugeot EuroLease and they will give you our details. 

We look forward to continuing our travels in 2014, when we travel to the British Isles, Ireland and northern and central Europe.

T Letica, Jun-Sep 2012

Our Peugeot 3008 was fabulous ...

We had a fantastic holiday!

We picked up our Peugeot 3008 Economy MCP Auto 1.6L diesel with GPS at Paris Orly Airport.
We drove to Rome via the Loire Valley, Burgundy, French Alps, Provence, Venice, Tuscany, and Umbria. 

The 3008 was fabulous – very easy to drive and with a great GPS system. Being a little higher than a saloon it gave us great vision, either looking over cars on the highways, or over fences and hedges on the many back roads we took. The Peugeot was effectively our home for a month and we were a little sad to give the keys back at the end – the car had looked after us well, and was very economical.
Although I must say I was chuffed to get to Rome with both wing mirrors intact, some of the little village roads we chose were very narrow!

Here is a photo of our Peugeot 3008 at a Renaissance Fighter memorial in the Vercour Gorge, France.

P Martelli, June 2012

Outlet shopping and more!

21 days and just over 3800kms later, as we toured France, Italy, Austria and more. Here are some of our highlights.

Ladoix-Serrigny - one of the wine communes in the Cote de Beaune near Burgundy, France. A compulsory photo stop - a typical beautiful old village. 

Lunch in St Tropez is a must. As well as a few days in old Antibes (on the coast, not too far from Nice). 

We also enjoyed the CAP3000 Shopping Mall in Nice, near the airport.

Santa Margherita Ligure was a real highlight - an old fashioned seaside resort on the Italian Riviera, about 35km southeast of Genoa. Close to Portofino (which was full of tourists). Recommend Hotel Laurin, overlooking the boat harbour - with a fabulous well-priced restaurant next door.

Must do - drive to La Spezia via the beautifully picturesque coast road.

Still in Italy, our drive from Santa Margherita Ligure to Cernobbio included a stop at Serravalle Scrivia - home of the McArthur Glen Outlet Mall.
(Refer - you will see they have designer brand outlet malls all over UK/Europe.) 

Cernobbio is located on the shores of Lake Como and we stayed at the Hotel Miralago - owned and managed by a family who made us feel as if we were home. Great food - including NZ lamb!

The Foxtown Outlet Mall in Mendrisio - on the border of Italy and Switzerland and just a short drive north from Cernobbio - is worth a trip. (Refer

Not to forget a mention of our Peugeot 5008 MCP AUTO 1.6L diesel with GPS - it was perfect for 4 adults and the increase of luggage after each shopping trip. The cruise control and GPS were simple to use. A very comfortable car for front and back seat passengers. Plus the glass roof offered great viewing of the mountains and chalets as we drove through Austria.

Important tip if you are planning to lunch at Schattenburg Castle, built in the 1100's - their famous weiner schnitzels are 30cm long and more than one person can eat!

The Ibis CDG Roissy (near terminal 3) was a good choice for our last night, before catching our flight home early the next morning.
Close to the Peugeot return location and a short walk under cover to the free shuttle train to our departure terminal 2.
The Peugeot depot staff also transferred us back to the Ibis, instead of the terminal, which was great.

R Johnson, September 2012

Feedback from a travel agent ...

I have travelled through various regions of Europe many times over the years and have experienced most modes of transport. 
For 2012 I chose a self-drive holiday with Peugeot EuroLease. 

I was totally impressed!
It is not simply a 'rental car', it is a brand new European driving experience. 

I selected the Peugeot 308 2.0L diesel auto with GPS. What an awesome motor vehicle! All the power you would ever need, with exceptional road handling. And I found that paying the extra for an automatic was worth every penny. 

Our journey started in Montpellier and I took the coastal route into Italy, also visiting Portofino, Pisa and on to Florence. 
After a short stay in Florence we spent a week in the Chianti region of Tuscany, finally dropping our Peugeot at Rome FCO Airport. 

The Peugeot staff in Montpellier could not do enough. They spent all the time necessary to explain and demonstrate all the car had to offer - GPS for example. 

After selling Peugeot EuroLease for many years, I can see why our customers return year after year.
I am totally sold on the Peugeot experience and will continue to highly reccommend it to my customers.

David Smith, Brooker Travel Dunedin.
(September 2012)

Environmental stickers in Germany + much more ...

We had a wonderful trip, our 4th since 2005, and as usual the Peugeot service was impeccable. 

Even before embarking on the trip, the whole process of ordering the car here in New Zealand was just as smooth. The whole process works so well. 

We have picked up vehicles outside France from a number of different locations over the years, and it was Frankfurt's turn this time. We arrived at Frankfurt Airport on a Sunday around 10:30am. During a quick phone call we were informed where to find the shuttle bus that would take us to the pick-up location. Just a few papers to sign (car registration and insurance), followed by a thorough explanation of the car's features, and we were on our way. 
The start of a wonderful 7 weeks.

Whilst we had quite a schedule, with visits to the UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic etc we had a ball.

As you state on your web site, there are some specfic country requirements when driving through Europe. I found that the easiest way to get the environment badge for Germany is to go to one of their testing stations. I know that you can order them online, but I got one by just popping into a Tüv Testing Station in Bocholt. It took 5 minutes to get things sorted, at a cost of 5 Euro. Here are some web addresses for the Tüv group:

General environment sticker info. 
Locating a testing station in North Germany. 
Locating a testing station in South Germany.  

We also noticed that when driving along the motorways in the Czech Republic, getting a toll sticker is a requirement. 
We saw several cars without them being stopped by police. You can get one for 7 days (cost Euro 12.50) and for longer periods.

Seven weeks just flew by, and before we knew it we had to leave. The return process at Frankfurt was just as smooth. I had made our return appointment four days prior, and at the appropriate time the representative was there. Not only that, the booking on the shuttle bus back to the airport had already been made as well.

Whilst it is good to be back home, we have fond memories of a great holiday.

J de Mooy, Jul-Aug 2012

Toll Roads / Fuel Stations - must know ...

A word of warning with toll roads and fuel stations through France and Europe.

Our brand new VISA Platinum electronic super high tech credit card was not accepted at many motorway toll booths.

We also got rejected at some automatic unattended petrol stations (Euromarché and Leclerc) . 

You should carry plenty of cash, including coins, for these situations.

O Duhamel, Aug-Sep 2012

Our 2nd Peugeot EuroLease ...

We had a great time in Europe and were extremely happy with our Peugeot 308 MCP auto 1.6L with GPS. 

On average we managed to get 1200 kms out of a tank of diesel which was absolutely great. 
At one stage we did 1400 kms on a tank. 
In total we drove 9400 kms during a period of 8 weeks.
We had no probems at all with the car, although sometimes the lower gear changes were a bit strange. 
[EuroLease comment - yes this is normal with the MCP 1.6L diesel auto engine, in that you can feel the first and second gear changes more than you would with a 'traditional' (and considerably more expensive) 2.0L auto vehicle. Something you need to get used to, although perhaps a small sacrifice when you can get 1200-1400kms out of a tank of diesel v. 700-800kms with the traditional 2.0L auto diesel engine.]
Here is a picture we took when we left our hotel in Switzerland one morning and noticed to our surprise the 'big brother' of our car next to it. [EuroLease comment - this is the Expert Tepee 9 seater.]
A Haaijer, Jun-Aug 2012

It was three years ago ...

It was three years ago but the memory is still fresh of sitting in a queue of cars at the TGV railway station at Avignon, southern France, trying to return a rental car.

Horns were hooting and tempers were rising in the 35 degree heat as drivers tried to find a way into their respective car company park. The pressure was on as trains approached and people scrambled to find a rental car rep – let alone get the paperwork done. An argument over a scrape on a bumper took 20 minutes to sort out.

I swore then, that was the last time, so when we travelled to Europe in June this year, I forgot about a rental car and chose a Peugeot EuroLease. This is the way to go! 

*All the paperwork done before you leave New Zealand
* Everything paid up – no little surprises at the rental car check-in counter
* all insurance covered and no excess to worry about
* your own brand new car, and the cost is as good or better than a rental
* a Peugeot rep practically waiting for you at your European arrival point (ours was Nice airport)
* easy return – we dropped our 3008 at a service station centre in Avignon, signed one piece of paper – and the rep drove us to the railway station. 

We had a Peugeot 3008 – and for part of our trip we shared it with two friends. Daily trips to village markets and lunches under the Plane trees. Four adults in the 3008 – plenty of space and stacks of room in the back for the right shape/size of bags. 

You will appreciate the height of the 3008 when you are travelling along skinny little French and Italian roads. You get a good view of where you're going. On the autoroutes the Peugeot was quiet and very comfortable and our 1.6 litre diesel was a fuel miser.

Would I use Peugeot EuroLease again? You bet.

G Moffett, Jun-Jul 2012

A few good tips ...

Our Peugeot 207 diesel 1.6L with GPS was very good - economical and smooth running - just what you want. 
For just 2 of us the luggage space was not a problem.

Collection at Madrid Airport went well. But customers should take their time to make sure they leave the depot fully aware of how everything works. The staff were fine but stepping off an aircraft into the heat, learning a new vehicle and the left hand drive etc can be daunting - so don't rush.

A GPS alone is not enough. You should also have a map. 
Always enter the postal code of the destination as there are many villages with similar names.
Use the website to plan ahead if you can, then you will know the tolls to be paid and ensure you have the cash.  Overall, the GPS is brilliant.

We "Peugeot'd" to Paradors and it was pretty well Perfect!
Paradores are Spanish government run hotels. They are a very good chain and have an English language website: and click English. 
5 night specials, Golden Age 55yrs plus rates, 3 night and 7 night pre planned routes, lunch bonuses and more are available.
The Amigos card gets you free parking (as available) so that's great too.
The standard of accommodation and food is high (6 types of pillow to choose from) so it's not bargain basement travel. However there are some good deals to be had if you plan. Plus you can normally book through NZ travel agents.

D Ryan, June 2012

Two fabulous places to stay in France ...

Everything was perfect with our 4th Peugeot EuroLease, as usual. 

If you are after a Chambre d'hote in Burgundy we would thoroughly recommend - Brigitte and Dominique Puvis de Chavannes are charming and the rooms and breakfasts are gorgeous, as is the countryside.
If you wish to see le vrai (the real) France, visit Le Lot and stay in Le Clos des Buis in Cazals. Wonderful hosts and fabulous gites and chambres d'hote.
B Hughes, July 2012

8 weeks in our Peugeot 308 MCP auto diesel with GPS ...

My wife and I have just returned from an 8 week Peugeot EuroLease - which could be described as a post retirement trip - and we had a ball. We did spend some time dashing around Europe back in 1997 but this time we we were able to take our time and "smell the roses".

We picked up our Peugeot 308 MCP auto 1.6L diesel with GPS as we left Paris (Orly Airport) and returned it to Paris CDG Airport prior to catching our flight to Singapore. This allowed us great flexibility in what route we took, what we went to see, and how long we stayed in any location.

Just a few statistics on these 8 weeks.
We travelled 11,466km, visited or passed through 6 countries (France, Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland) and spent 868 Euros on Diesel. The diesel cost amounted to the equivalent of 13cents (NZ) per kilometre, which is super economical compared to the car I drive in NZ, even allowing for the higher cost of fuel in Europe. The car performed excellently throughout the time we had it.

We visited all the historical (me) 'stuff' and artistic (my wife) 'stuff' in the large cities of Paris, Florence, Rome and Venice but also saw some amazing scenery at the Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast, Gorge du Tarn and the Dolomites. It was a bit of an eye opener, in that while we love New Zealand I am now more aware that we do not have a monopoly on fabulous scenery. Between us we took about 2500 photographs, many of which show us sitting in the sunshine outside street side cafes partaking of excellent, well priced (cheap), red wine or coffee. We were hopeful that the Mediterranian diet might be good for our figures. No such luck, the pain au chocolat and gelato were far too tempting. 

This brief resume cannot come close to fully describing the great time we had, so if anyone is thinking of a similar trip our message is 'just do it'. For those thinking of leasing a car our advice would be, make sure you have GPS, and that you get an automatic - there is enough to think about with driving on the right without also having to change gear with your right hand and read a map. 

What about the driving of the locals? We were pleasantly surprised. They do tend to drive a little agressively, like 5m behind you at 130km/hr on the motorway on occasions, however we found them generally courteous. Our car had a red number plate identifying us as tourists, and on many occasions I am sure this was recognised and we were allowed to change lanes in cities when we had gotten ourselves into the wrong one, although you do have to be confident and not inclined to panic if you do find yourself in the wrong place.

M & C Reynolds, Apr-Jun 2012

A couple of new things from 2012 ...

Here are a couple of new things that people need to be aware of:

From 1 July 2012, it is compulsory for all drivers in France to carry a breathalyzer kit (Alcooltest in French). I understand Peugeot will provide these from 1 September 2012 which is fine as the police are only issuing warnings until 1 November 2012. (PS - if you need to stock up on these, they are available at gas stations, pharmacies, supermarkets - although there is currently a shortage for sale.) They must be French certified and are priced at around EUR2 for the kit (2 per kit - so you still have one in the car after you have tested yourself!). The fine from 1 November is approx EUR15 but is reportedly considerably higher for a second offence.

The Portuguese are converting many highways to electronic tollroads, but there is no room for tool booths. 
For more information refer and click on Electronic Tolls - for a list of the electronic toll roads and options for payment for "foreign vehicles".
PS - we simply avoided these roads!

T Pullen, June-July 2012

10,500kms in our Partner Tepee ...

We arranged for a Peugeot Tepee Pack HDi diesel 1.6L manual to be collected from Geneva airport and returned there 10 weeks later.

Everything was in order when we arrived to pick up the vehicle (we had phoned 4 days earlier to reconfirm as we were not collecting off a flight). The vehicle had done just 14kms.

We were heading into France straight away so people doing the same thing should realise that they will need some euros handy for the toll roads! 
(If you're heading into Switzerland you will need to get a Swiss highway sticker (40 francs but going up to 70 I believe). Coming through Swiss border customs in the car, they will check and if you haven't got one, you have to get one there and then.)

We drove 10,500kms in the car through Switzerland, Italy, southern France, Spain, Portugal and back to Switzerland.

The Partner Tepee was a superb vehicle - compact yet roomy (there were 4 of us most of the time) and very comfortable. It performed very well, was economical (overall average of 5.7l/100kms), had cruise control, climate control and heaps of luggage and storage space. It is fair to say it exceeded our expectaions easily and I would thoroughly recommend it. 

For travelling in Europe a GPS is essential. (I took mine from NZ, with a Europe map chip). An alternative to that is to buy one at an electronics store in Europe (aprox EUR100-120), if your vehicle doesn't already include it.

It pays to be aware that there are plenty of toll roads in Europe if you stick to motorways. The tolls can add up pretty quickly! Motorways are fine if you want to cover a lot of ground quickly but if you want to really see the country, stay away from them.

One thing to note too is that in Portugal there are now some electronic tolls (they use number plate recognition.) Peugeot EuroLease give information about these with your documents so take good note of this.

We had no problems with the car etc but some friends had their backpack expertly "picked" in Granada and lost their passports/bankcards and some cash. The thieves were very slick - as we were warned before we left, they are professionals.

Overall we were very satisfied with the whole exercise. 

P Knox, Apr-Jun 2012.

Notes from our 2012 trip to France & Spain ...

The car – Peugeot 308SW diesel manual 2.0L with GPS. 

We drove more than 5,000kms in just over 3 weeks. The 308SW was perfect for 4 adults and luggage. We were impressed with the comfort, space, performance, handling and economy. The boot was excellent with a luggage cover of course and the glass roof was most appreciated by passengers. 

The in-built GPS was very good, although no GPS is ever perfect so you should still carry a current detailed road atlas with you as a back-up. Don't forget to select the places you want to stop en route, when entering your destination, otherwise you will miss them. We would not have been without the GPS, particularly in urban areas and on the urban motorways.

Collection at Paris CDG Airport went well, however when you call the location on arrival be sure to ask exactly where to meet the courtesy shuttle so there is no confusion.

Our driving experience:

The traffic on motorways was generally very good at pulling right as soon as possible – and into smaller spaces than we are used to. However the lack of indicating before changing lanes, tailgating at 130km/hour and straddling two lanes was an education.

We developed the habit at intersections and roundabouts of the passenger chanting "look left, keep right”. Particularly in light traffic or when you are a little stressed.

Road signage is often in black and white particularly on secondary roads. This can be difficult to read at night. In towns street signs are not reflectorised and are often quite small and placed high on buildings. The GPS was indispensible in these circumstances.

Toll roads: If you want to cover large distances quickly, the toll roads are great. 350km for EUR28.50 is a bargain! However, there were some fast learning curves.

When you first start out, ensure you have a supply of EUR1 or EUR2 coins and small notes. A EUR50 note for a EUR1.80 toll caused the cash machine to work overtime!

Some credit cards and debit cards are not accepted in the automatic gates.

If you are paying cash, slow down well before the gates to determine which is the "Cash” gate. It is not always clear from the overhead signage and even the locals get confused. Choosing the wrong lane is stressful and seldom improves conversation in the car.

At all times have cash ready because at some gates you pay to enter.

The overhead signs describing the gates vary between motorways and can be inconsistent – just to add to the challenge!

A few final tips:

We used the "National Bank Travel Card”. This is a Mastercard debit card, preloaded with Euros. It was fantastic! Preload (in one hit if possible) with your expected spend + shopping money. Easy to use with minimal fees but:

1. Doesn't work at motorway toll stations

2. Expect to sign the voucher as PIN's are not always used

3. Some ATM's charge commission for cash withdrawals – just cancel and go to the next machine.

Cash: In Europe (and Britain) you will need to carry a lot more cash than you may be used to doing here. We had budgeted EUR75 per head per day for casual spending (excluding fuel, accommodation, etc.) and found we needed to carry at least EUR300 – 400 in cash. All of the apartments required cash in advance including the refundable deposit. Most ATM's had a limit of EUR300 for each withdrawal. So you need to plan ahead.

Most of the trip was planned ahead using the various internet searches. Where possible, we paid in advance. There were no disappointments. But beware of apartment owners who attempt to hike the price to recover their PayPal commission!

We went to the trouble of arranging in advance for a private fluent English speaking guide at several places (Chartres Cathedral, Al Hambra, etc). Well worth the effort and expense.

A do not miss experience: Plan to drive south on the A71 – A75 when driving to the south of France. You will come to the viaduct at Millau. Stop at the visitor centre. Walk up the hill and marvel. This is a seriously sexy example of 20th Century technology. Simply stunning.

Overall, we had a ball and want to go back to complete the bucket list. Three weeks was definitely not long enough!

A Cornwall, April 2012

The Partner Tepee was superb!

We had a fantastic time in Europe! 

One of the things we wanted was to have enough storage space to keep our suitcases under cover, and the Partner Tepee had plenty of it!

See photo which may help potential customers who are trying to get an idea of how much gear it can take. Not a great photo I know, but as this model is not in NZ it at least gives you an idea. When I took this there were only 3 of us, but we did get 4 people's luggage (including a guitar) in the boot! 
[EuroLease note - soft bags were a smart choice too!]

I was really impressed with the power of the 1.6L diesel engine. Maybe I'm just not used to modern cars, but I thought it may have been a bit under-powered. Not at all! We had 5 people in it at one stage and there was plenty of get-up-and-go.

Another thing that was fantastic was the built-in GPS (who we nicknamed Lucy). We hadn't expected it, but it was built into the car. Lucy would even turn down the music temporarily if she had something to say. I would say that a GPS is an absolute must for anyone travelling in another country. It was fantastic.
[EuroLease note - lucky you to get GPS included as it is not a standard feature in the Partner Tepee for 2012!]

Picking up and delivering the car went perfectly to plan (Paris CDG Airport + Calais). So all in all we were very happy with the car, the process and everything, and would definitely do it again and recommend it to others!

K Shore, May 2012

There were 6 people in our 5008 ...

Our family of six: husband, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren aged 7 and 4 had a wonderful trip to Ireland/UK, then on to Paris where we picked up our 5008 Peugeot EuroLease.

We did a lot of research in order to choose the right sized car as we were doing some serious km's and wanted to be comfortable. 
I had numerous conversations with our ever helpful Delwyn at EuroLease to assist me with the right sized car to choose. 

After Delwyn measured the boot for us with one of the back seats (row 3) down - which would seat one of the grandchildren - and us measuring our suitcases, we came to the conclusion that we could all fit plus luggage. 

We managed to fit FOUR suitcases (height 70cm and width from front to back 29cm full) stacked in the available boot space with room behind the 6th seat for more, as well as hand luggage on top of the suitcases. 

The 5008 was superb, absolutely everything we could wish for as far as room, fabulous little trays that folded down from the Row 2 seats, and Sally our GPS (we had to give her a name as she did us proud when we got into some sticky situations where we had never been before). 

We thoroughly enjoyed the car and all our initial worries about perhaps having not quite enough room went out the window.

Thank you again to Peugeot EuroLease!

J Marinovich, June 2011

Tyre repair ...

The travel insurance that came with my Platinum Visa paid out for the tyre replacement we required in France. 
You may like to let future customers know. 

A Lee, Sep 2011

We had a great trip in our Peugeot 207 ...

5525 kms in 36 days. 
Your recommendation of a small car, once we had discussed our probable journey, was good advice -  especially in Salerno on the Amalfi Coast and in Nice. 
There were a few other 'tight' spots, and some of the roads off the autostrada in Italy and main roads in Corsica were very narrow. 
One of the most scenic routes was from Vencie through Tuscany to Siena off the main roads.

'Dick Turpin' the highway robber is alive and well in France. Our first day on the motorway = 600kms and 45 Euros, but a great way to get distance covered quickly as we had to do. We had a deadline to meet in St Malo, to catch a ferry to Guernsey. 

[note from EuroLease - be careful not to speed on the motorways as the 'in' and 'out' time on the motorway will alert police to your average speed!]


G Smith, Aug-Sep 2011.

The 308MCP AUTO diesel with GPS was a great car ...

The Peugeot 308 MCP AUTO diesel with GPS was a great car and being a diesel saved us NZ$518 on fuel compared to the cost of fuel last year in France. For us, the 308 averaged 5.2L/100kms compared to the 207 petrol average last year of 7.4L/100kms.

The Peugeot's GPS was interesting and took a wee bit of getting used to. The Peugeot system operates on route numbers whereas the TomTom system we normally use operates on direction, ie turn left or right. The Peugeot system assumes if you're on the correct route then there's no need to advise otherwise. Once we came to 'grips' with it we were able to alter the scaling when getting closer to our destination or find a McDonald's to access our emails etc. 
We stayed at a couple of places we had visited last year and the Peugeot GPS showed us routes we hadn't been on before!

Our Peugeot 308 had similar safety features to theMercedes we drive in NZ - so this gave us a lot of confidence (eg. ESP, hill start assist, auto wipers and lights etc).

Peugeot's representative in Calais, Veronique, once again gave us excellent service.

Thank you for your help and advice to upgrade to the Peugeot 308 - it certainly added to the enjoyment of our travels in France.

A & R Howlett, 2011

My husband and I leased a Peugeot 207 for our trip in France and Spain...

My husband and I leased a Peugeot 207 for our trip in France and Spain, 25th May to 15th July inc. I was a little reluctant to pick up the car in Paris and tackle all the traffic so we flew to Birmingham, UK and then flew in to Brest, Brittany the next morning. On arrival at Brest airport the representative was there to meet us, took us to the car close by, showed us what we needed to know, programmed our GPS to get us from the airport to our farmstay and away we went.

Not having ever used a GPS before I mastered it straight away although it did seem to want to take us straight through the middle of most cities, that was, until I purchased a France atlas which was most useful for bypassing places. 

We travelled 6200kms in France and Spain, the car performed well and was very, very, economical, we went for a manual but automatic probably would have been better. We found the compact size of the car invaluable when pottering about in villages and overtaking bicycles in the Pyrenees!! 

We stayed in B&B's in France which was great fun, thank goodness I learnt a bit of French before we left NZ though, most people did not speak very much English but it made the trip all that more enjoyable and challenging. We did think that using cottages here and there would have been better, the downside of that would be not chatting to the French people. The countryside was wonderful along with the wildlife, castles, gardens, mountains etc. etc. Weather cooler than I thought it would be though. In Spain the roads were wonderful, a lot of them very new, hardly any traffic on them, certainly in the North anyway. The temperatures were a lot higher too which was pleasant for a while. In Spain we stayed in either hotel or hostel accommodation which was basic but okay. 

J and M Tapley, Rotorua (2011)

We had a terrific trip to France and Italy...

We had a terrific trip to France and Italy.

Our Peugeot 308 was great and a good size for us to be able to put all luggage in the boot and out of sight. 
Here is a photo of the car parked in Riomaggiore on the Cinque Terre. 
Only 2 cars are allowed into the village at one time.
A suggestion to people travelling here, is to book a parking space when making their hotel reservation. It makes life a lot easier when you arrive by car at the entrance to this village.

J Reid, Auckland (2011)

What an absolute pleasure...

I would like to let you know what an absolute pleasure it was to lease our Peugeot with EuroLease. 

It is always a bit of a concern when you venture into something like this for the first time, wondering how it will turn out and what will the service be like and will everything go smoothly. 
It is so unique these day when a company offers something that sounds and looks as wonderful as the EuroLease program does, to find out that it actually is just as good or even better than the literature and website say it is. 

From the time we were picked up at the airport in Rome, until we dropped the car off a month later at the designated point in Spain, the staff could not have been more helpful, the service more friendly, and the car more comfortable, or tailored to suit our needs exactly. 

Our Peugeot 207SW diesel was just delightful and never missed a beat the whole way and was sooo economical. 

We had a fabulous time in Europe and that in no small way was helped by the smooth and reliable experience we had with Peugeot EuroLease. Thank you so much. 

Keep up the good work and we will definitely be using this service again soon. 

S Sharp, Dunedin (2011)

Our latest 4 month holiday...

Following a short (21 day) lease in 2005 during which we loved our Peugeot 308 deisel manual and travelled 6,500km without any problems at all (except for getting lost on the odd occasion!) we had no hesitation in leasing another Peugeot for a 4 month period from April to August 2010.

This time we decided that we would splash out and have all the 'bells & whistles' so that two 60+ drivers would have to think about as little as possible beyond just driving. As part of a reasonably budget conscious trip this was the best decision we made. This time our Peugeot 308 deisel was an auto model with a built in GPS and glass roof (although the glass roof was not a necessity with just the two of us). Once we learned not to disagree with 'her ladyship' (the GPS) we happily covered a distance of 18,600km in style and comfort.

The pick up and drop off procedures were very easy to handle and our unfortunate altercation with a deer two days out from returning the car only added about 30 minutes to the drop off while we completed insurance claim papers. We were grateful for the fully comprehensive insurance which Peugeot EuroLease provides (even though there was little damage to the car). This is a totally hassle-free method of car hire which we would always use again in the future, and would certainly recommend to others.

We spent a total of 6 months away from NZ - so a considerable amount of time went in to investigating accommodation options which would suit our budget. Wherever possible we used self-catering accommodation which proved to be both cost effective and pleasant.

If you are considering a trip (ours included Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Italy (& Sicily), France, Northern Spain and the UK)and would like to ask us anything, we would be happy for you to email us at

Leone & Graeme, Auckland
April-August 2010

Our latest experience with Peugeot EuroLease...

This was our latest experience with Peugeot Eurolease & again the service, vehicle & peace of mind were 100%!

We were delayed in Singapore, arrived in Europe & were again delayed in the snow in Frankfurt & eventually collected the car in Portugal 12 hours late - having called to advise we would be late the local office were more concerned for us than any disruption to their delivery. 

The 3008 is a fantastic car - the cost worked out to be only just more than the 308 & with the extra luggage (travelling in winter) & older children than last time - we were so happy with the car & pleased with our decision to go 'big'.

The local rep was efficient, courteous & helpful at both pick-up & drop-off, in fact we were quite sad to see him drive off in our car at the airport. 

European motorways are brilliant to drive on & even when driving on cobbled streets in 'ancient' villages the car performed well. 

In closing, why would we look anywhere else for this service - we'll be back. 

S Anderson, Hamilton 
December 2010

Our Peugeot 5008...

We booked a Peugeot 5008 Premium HDi diesel 1.6L manual for 32 days.

You will see this photo shows our car in front of a Monastery in Carrion de los Condes. 

We liked this car very much as it had ample space inside for four passengers and their luggage, travelling a long distance (5000km +). Low fuel consumption was also to our satisfaction. All in all we concluded that our selection was excellent for what we had planned to do.

We found that passengers sitting at the back had ample leg room, even for long-legged people which is not often the case, adding to the overall comfort of this model. 

Should we travel next year we would go for the 5008 again.

Marie-France & Dominique, Northland (Sep-Oct 2010)

Bordeaux city feedback...

It was a real challenge returning our vehicle to the Bordeaux city office. It is not such an easy city to drive in. Plus, the office closes from 12 noon to 2pm (usual French lunch break).  In future I would drop off the car at Bordeaux Airport (where we picked it up).  It was simple to find the service desk and there is plenty of parking close by.

I Wynn-Williams, Christchurch (Sep-Oct 2010)

Useful traffic web-sites...

Everything went absolutely perfectly again this year. 
We will almost certainly be returning in 2012 and use Peugeot EuroLease of course.

I found these websites for road works, possible delays and traffic information very useful. 
The telephone contacts for Switzerland also give real time information on any delays for the tunnels eg Gotthard etc (delays at peak periods can be loooong!!).

France   (in English)   (in English)

Italy   (in English)

or phone  0900 57 1234   or   mobile 163

R Walters, Auckland (Aug-Sep 2010)

Our Expert Tepee 8 seater ...

I am pleased to say that the Peugeot Expert Tepee Premium HDi 2.0L with GPS was an excellent machine, once I had mastered the gear shift being on the right and that all the other cars were on the wrong side of the road!  

We had a great time. 

Here is a photo of "the van" taken ouside the Gite (Back packers) at Gerbier du Jonc which is the source of the Loire River high in the Central Masif.

There were 8 cyclists doing the 'Tour of the Loire' from Avignon to St Nazaire, a total of 1300+ kms. 
The journey was highly successful.

And I found the side mirrors on the van were terrific. I had no problems backing the van or parking. In fact I would like a set of these mirrors on my own car.

J Howie, August - September 2010

Be very careful in Spain...

After nine successful Peugeot EuroLeases we had some really bad luck on this trip.

It happened in Spain...

When we stopped at an "Autogrill" layby on the drive south towards Valencia, we were distracted by thieves. 
We would like to advise other travellers to be aware of their techniques. 

Whilst standing beside our car, stretching our legs, we were distracted by a person shouting out and running around the rear of the car causing my wife and I to both look back at him. An accomplice meantime came from the front of the car and stole my wife's handbag from under the passenger seat, via the front door. Both then rushed off to an awaiting car which sped off before we had time to realise what had happened.

- beware of people creating a scene and distracting you. 
- do not keep all your documents in one container or bag -although we did loose our passports, mobile phone, some credit cards and prescription glasses, our money and other credit cards fortunately were elsewhere. 
- always remove the key and lock the car, even if you are just going to stand beside it. 
- report the robbery to the local police as soon as possible, as you will need their documentation before you can arrange new passports, credit cards etc, and start your insurance claim. 
- ensure your phone is turned off and has a PIN for security so it is useless to the thieves.

We hope this feedback helps to warn other New Zealanders.

E & D Turner, May-Jul 2010

Our Peugeot holiday...

During May and June 2010 I leased a Peugeot 308 diesel manual with my wife and brother-in-law.

Touching down in Munich on a chilly Sunday morning in May we were a little nervous about how this rendezvous with the Peugeot representative was going to work. We were tired, having flown from Christchurch with a short wait in Singapore and then on to Munich. Arriving at 5.50am we are early for our arrangement to ring Peugeot at 7.30am so we took a seat in the terminal to fill in some time. Within five minutes a young man walked past with a name board under his arm and hey, that's my name. Simple as that! He is a charming young Bavarian, effortless English (just what he learnt at school he tells us), heaves our bags into his Peugeot and whisks us off to the Peugeot Open Europe office five minutes away, in the German countryside.

At first sight of our Peugeot 308 - which is going to take us 5000kms through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy and France - we loved it! It had just 20kms on the clock. Our three bags fitted into the boot with a squeeze and when the hatch closed it completely hid the fact that we were travellers. (If there were four of us we would definitely have wanted the 308 station wagon.)

It took about fifteen minutes to do the paperwork, be shown how to use the features of the car and go through the requirements of European law regarding coloured vests and reflective triangles (compulsory if you breakdown to put the reflective vest on before getting out of the car), then we were off. The car only had a small amount of fuel in it (the documentation we were given in advance warned us of this), so the first stop was a fuel station. 
We were pleasantly surprised at the cost of diesel and the convenient dashboard displaythat showed1160kms before we'll need to refuel!

We set off on the autobahn heading south for Lake Bled in Slovenia, through the Austrian Alps. We were not sure how long it would take before jet-lag kicked in but we calculated that the drive would take about three and a half hours. With an open speed limit the cars just whizzed by, as we did a sedate 100km/hr -getting used to driving on the right. We settled down for the long drive and soon stopped for lunch in Slovenia, with wooded hillsides around us and warning signs that bears and wolves were close by. Not too long later, with jet-lag lurking, we rolled into the picturesque lake town of Bled, very happy and satisfied with our first day. 
Our new Peugeot has performed like a dream.

The next two days were spent purring along on the quiet motorway down the Croatian Coast to Split and on to the beautiful old walled city of Dubrovnik - the jewel of the Adriatic. A stunning drive down what is said to be the most spectacular coastline in Europe. Travelling by car really is the best way to travel this coast, as the public transport options are limited. Apart from that we loved the freedom of stopping wherever and whenever we liked, to sit in seaside cafes, swim in the clear warm water of the Adriatic and stroll around charming old Croatian villages that cling to the side of the steep rocky mountains rising up out of the sparkling blue sea.

Medjugorie (near Mostar) in Bosnia was our next stop. We were warned to stay on the road because of unexploded land mines. This makes us a little nervous but with the help of our GPS we wound our way into Medjugorie (site of regular Marian apparitions since 1981) and out again the next day, back to Split to catch the roll on / roll off overnight ferry across to Ancona, Italy.

The GPS was wonderful but it can sometimes take you on some weird roads that you wouldn't choose if you knew better. One of these was Ancona to Assisi. I just couldn't believe that this remote rough narrow road was the main road to such a well trod tourist town. Well, I was wrong because we were soon ascending the hill of Assisi and found a convenient car park just a short walk from the Basilica -built above the tomb of St Francis. We are happy to spend a few hours here - an amazing place and not to be missed if you are in the area.

As an aside, we did not had any difficulty parking. Pay and display was common and not expensive, one to two Euros an hour and two hours is usually enough to take a good walk around a town or historic site.

We took two days to make our way through Tuscany, the Italian and French Riviera and up into Provence where we had booked a villa. As we headed north inland the terrain changed and we were soon whizzing through the rolling hills and expansiveness of Mediterranean France. The villa was in a tiny hamlet near the hilltop villages of Gourdes, Roussillon and Menerbes (the subject of Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence"), sizzling in the Provencal heat. But with a swimming pool outside our door it was no hardship and why would it be when it was June and our emails from home told us that it had been raining and cold in Christchurch since we left.

The Peugeot gave us the means to spend our mornings exploring nearby villages, returning mid afternoon to the pool, chatty late afternoon happy hours drinking excellent local reds (three to four Euros a bottle) and simple evening meals of fresh vegetables and fruit, especially cherries which are plentiful in Provence in June.

It was then time to head north to the house we rented for eight days in the village of Ancy le Franc, Burgundy. This area is known for producing Chablis (the village of Chablis is nearby) and rolling hills of wheat and mustard stretching to the horizon. The village has a magnificent chateau, beautifully restored and visited by many canal boaties, just a short walk from the town.
Here we took on village life, partying with our neighbours, cycling down the tow path of the canal, morning and evening strolls to the patisserie for our baguettes and daily excursions in our Peugeot. Within two or three hours in every direction there was a never ending supply of interesting places to see. Not to mention our neighbour who walked her McCaw Parrot twice daily past our front door, like Long John Silver!
Eight leisurely days sail by... long enough for us to fall in love with the village and the lifestyle.

But, alas, it was again time to head for the auto route, this time for the 206km drive to Paris and our drop off at the Peugeot depot at Orly Airport. We felt some nervousness about driving into Paris but this proved to be groundless. The GPS and Peugeot location instructions took us straight to the depot. 

"Are you expecting us?" I ask.
"Oui Monsieur" was the reply!

PS. We spent 24 days travelling 5000kms on four and a half tanks of diesel - not bad!

A Silcock, May-June 2010

We had a wonderful holiday...

We had a wonderful holiday in Europe during July andour Peugeot 207 was just great. 

We picked it up from Rennes Airport on 1 July and returned it to Paris Orly airport on 24 July. 
During that time we clocked up more than 4500 kms through France, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Germany - and drove on every conceivable road, from country tracks to autobahns. 

Here are a few observations for future customers:

- The owners manual in the car is in French, so if you don't understand French you will have some difficulty working out how to manage some of the car's features (radio, cruise control, safety etc). So be sure you refer to the links on the Peugeot EuroLease web-site for the English versions.

- If you collect within France, the car comes with a safety kit - fluorescent vests and warning triangle. Be aware that in some European countries it is a legal requirement that these are worn outside the car if you are involved in an accident situation, so keep the kit handy (underneath a seat - not in the boot) so you can put on the vests before you get out of the car. 

- If you don't book a car with an on-board GPS, I would strongly recommend that you take one with you. Roads and traffic in Europe are way beyond the experience and imagination of NZ drivers who have not been there before. The sheer number of interlocking major motorways and traffic density combine to produce a 'spiders web' of complexity. If you are trying to follow a map and have only a couple of seconds to decide which one of perhaps three converging/diverging/criss-crossing Autoroutes is the correct one, then chances are you'll have a nervous breakdown before finding the right road. In the cities it just gets worse!! For your own ease of driving and preservation of your marriage - use a GPS. Even with theGPS you'll get it wrong sometimes but at least the GPS re-calculates the route for you, to get you back on track.

- Using motorways (toll roads) is expensive in France, cheaper in Italy and free in Germany. A day's motoring on only autoroutes in France could cost as much as 100 Euros. So plan your routes using web sites such as which will not only give you alternative routes but also tell you the estimated cost of your travel and which are the cheapest routes in terms of tolls and fuel costs. Quite often you will find that the scenic route is not only cheaper but much more interesting and not much further in time or distance than the toll road. A combination of both is usually best, both to combat boredom and to avoid high traffic densities. For example, we drove from the town of Grasse, in the mountains above Cannes, along the Cote d'Azur to Imperia in Italy, a distance of about 125 km, without using a motorway - and without getting past 3rd gear! 

The Peugeot 207 1.6L diesel manual was just right for the two of us. It was very economical (900 -1000km per tank) and cruised effortlessly on the Autoroutes/Autobahns. 

We didn't have a moment of worry about the car and would recommend the Peugeot EuroLease scheme without hesitation to anyone going to Europe on holiday. Its much better than hiring a car from the usual hire firms. 

D & M Goodyear, July 2010

Reflectorised jacket rule...

Please advise your customers that where you need a reflectorised jacket, this must be carried in the cabin of the vehicle and not velcroed to the boot floor. Apparently there have been occasions where drivers have been fined for getting out and getting it from the boot. Apparently you must have it on before exiting the vehicle.

G Hansen, Jun-Jul 2010

Here is one of the coolest places near Carcassonne...

What a great time we had in France, and in our Peugeot 3008 auto diesel.

With reference to the photo,this is one of the coolest places we found near Carcassonne - a great place if you like retro.

It is run by a UK/French family of buskers and circus clowns.

A Hucks, Jun-Jul 2010

We had a great time and can't speak highly enough of the 308 hatch...

We had a great time and can't speak highly enough of the 308 hatch we had over the 50 days in Italy and Eastern Europe during September and October.

My wife enjoyed driving it as much as I did, to the extent that towards the end of our trip she did more mileage than me. And having GPS was certainly a bonus, as was the glass roof which we used to good effect through the Swiss Alps. 
I was also impressed with the electronic extras that the car had, especially when we collected a screw in a tyre and having a "low pressure” message appear.This enabled us to have a very inexpensive repair carried out at your Peugeot service centre in Lucerne before more serious problems occurred.

Nothing else went wrong with the vehicle - the collection and return went very smoothly at Nice Airport.

This photo was taken on a coffee stop in the Czech Republic, enroute from Prague to Vienna. 

G Sharman, Sep-Oct 2009

The biggest drama was getting fuel on a Sunday in France...

We had a great time in Europe and our Peugeot was definitely a highlight. 

The biggest drama was getting fuel on a Sunday in France. I had to ask another motorist to use his card and pay him cash. 

[He would have had a special card that allowed him to pay at the pump.Tourists should fill up before the weekend.]

Overall, I was more than happy and have already recommended this type of travel to a number of friends and will continue to do so in the future.

J Morgan, Aug-Sep 2009

In Spain, we ran foul of the police resulting in a $320 fine...

In Spain, we ran foul of the police resulting in a $320 fine!

I was travelling with bikes on the back and the Spanish police maintained that they couldn't see enough of the rear plate and that as the bikes were 250mm beyond the tailgate I required a V 20 sign. I had been travelling around France for 2 weeks prior to this, had been stopped for a routine licence check by the police there, and they were okay with the bikes.
It took me 5 minutes to take the bikes off, raise the carrier 75 mm to resolve the problem of the number plate, but still had the fine imposed. 
The V 20 took about two hours of hunting round a town to resolve plus 20euro.
Thankfully we had the safety vest, emergency triangle and first aid kit - had I not have had these I hate to think how big the fine would have been in Spain.

FYI - the bike rack was a Rhode Gear collapsible job that is held in place with straps and plastic covered hooks. Works well on all types of cars and breaks down so that it fits into a large suitcase.

R Pearson, June-August 2009

I honestly cannot stop raving...

I honestly cannot stop raving about Peugeot EuroLease.

We really enjoyed the time we had in our Peugeot 207. It was the best way to see parts of Europe you can otherwise not reach with organised tours and group travel. So, thank you so much for making it easy and stress free. 

We had an incident on the German autobahn involving a loose tyre literally flying across the autobahn which hit about 5 other cars including ourselves, but we were lucky in that our bumper managed to stay on after being hit at about 160km/hr. When we returned the car it was not a problem at all, and the insurance covered all damage that had occurred. It's this sort of service that makes Peugeot EuroLease worth your while by far, over any other method of transport. We were so thankful to not have rented a car in Europe, as these things are bound to happen at some point.

S Scott, Sep-Oct 2009

We had a 308SW HDi diesel manual with GPS...

We had a Peugeot 308SW HDi with GPS during September and October 2009. 

Having committed ourselves to a lease Peugeot for our holiday in France during September and October this year we were a little apprehensive when we received all the paper work from EuroLease.

All the arrangements sounded very complex and specific including ringing the depot four days before collecting or returning the car, to ensure an appointment was made.

In reality it was far far simpler. We rang before collecting and arrived at the office at La Defense in Paris [Paris, Courbevoie] at 10 o'clock on a Friday morning. Thirty years since I had driven on the wrong side of the road.

The plush offices were welcoming and after a cup of coffee it was down to business. 

Paperwork was out of the way quickly, then we got a quick once over of the car and clear explanation from the representative. My wife and the representative were testing their language skills but we had to settle for English so I could understand! 

The GPS was explained, had already been programmed to get us back to our hotel and to the final drop off zone at Nice airport. 

The car was a treat - a 1.6L engine that drove like a 2.0L. No problems when it was full with luggage and three people. 
We enjoyed every bit of our trip with the car. 
Paris, Tours, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rodiz, Avignon and Nice was the rough route of our three week trip.

The car is pictured with my wife and daughter outside a friends gite near St Flovier in the Lot, south west of Tours. 

We were both so pleased with the car that we will definitely be considering one when we next buy a new car - but after this holiday it may be a while!

M Carr, Sep-Oct 2009

The new Peugeot 3008...

We drove the new Peugeot 3008 diesel manual this year and what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be! 
The space, comfort and power was ideal. 
To climb up Austria's highest mountain or travel long distances was a sheer joy.

As on previous occasions the service provided by Peugeot EuroLease was commendable.

O & S Lichtnecker, July-August 2009

Our Peugeot 308SW...

We collected our Peugeot 308SW manual diesel from Paris CDG Airport.

It proved a wonderful way to travel for the months of April, May and June principally in Spain but also through Portugal, France, Holland and England. 

This was our first experience with a GPS and although it was a new model, and the handover could have been better, we learnt by trial and error over the first week or so. 

A GPS does not replace a map book, nor can you rely on it absolutely (the software was unaware of relatively new roundabouts and roads), but we would never again travel without one. Its value far exceeded the small extra cost.

It was a pleasure to go exploring each day in otherwise inaccessible places and we particularly enjoyed being able to open the back hatch and use the back floor as our coffee table no matter what the weather. 

We averaged 5.5 litres of diesel per 100 km's over 10,500kms ... hence we were very impressed with both the economy and performance of the 308SW. 

We would certainly use Peugeot EuroLease again and recommend it wholeheartedly as a great way to travel. 

A & C Van Wonderen, Auckland (April-June 2009)


In the past we have roared around France and Europe with a Eurail pass...

In the past we have roared around France on a Eurail pass but that was not very restful, so we decided to have a more leisurely holiday this time.  

We had heard of the Peugeot scheme but it had sounded a bit dodgy with buying and selling back involved (what if they wouldn't buy it back we thought) and then we hosted an elderly couple in our B&B who had done it twice and swore by it. We made enquiries and found the arrangements were simple. 

In effect, it was a car hire but with excellent conditions and an incredibly low price. The thing that worried us was getting around Paris, as we were heading south. Then you made the excellent suggestion that we take the shuttle bus from CDG to Orly and pick up the car there. This worked fine. Buses were frequent and the fare was around NZ$30 each. 

We had ordered the car for 2pm but we arrived at Orly at 9a.m. and phoned Peugeot. They picked us up in ten minutes and took us to their nearby depot where the car was ready. Half an hour later, we were heading south on a superb motorway through beautiful countryside. This impression of beauty stayed with us for the next three months for rural France is truly superb! And so tidy, with the people lavishing loving care on their beautiful villages, yet having time to warmly welcome the traveller. 

We rented a stone cottage in the Aveyron for two months (that's me waving from it). That was great and we visited lots of lovely villages inaccessible by rail. Because the car was so inexpensive, there was no pressure to use it every day but it was always handy even just to pop down to the Boulangerie for the famous French bread. 

We spent the third month in the Pyrenees and that was unforgetable with the magnificent mountains and a fresh supply of delightful villages. We had a week in each of two comfortable hotels, then returned to self catering in a comfortable chalet in a municipal camping ground. 

French camping grounds are plentiful, inexpensive and of a very high standard. We wanted to get half way back to Paris so spent our final week in a holiday village on the Dordogne. Then we returned the car at Orly, shuttled back to Paris CDG Airport and had a night in the airport  Ibis Hotel, which had excellent facilities.

It was a superb holiday and the only problem was the heat of the last few weeks, with the temperature reaching as high as 38 degrees! Next time, we'll aim to spend June in Normandy and Brittany, where there should be a sea breeze. The car was great and our only mishap was a flat tyre, but we discovered that in a hotel car park with a Peugeot garage a few hundred yards down the road. 

Everybody in sight rushed to help us! We can't praise France and the French too highly! We found the cost of living very similar to New Zealand, perhaps a bit less. Good clean inexpensive accommodation is plentiful as long as you avoid July and August.

We hope to return in two years and our first move will be to book a car with Peugeot.

R Waddell. April-July, 2005.

The Peugeot EuroLease was great value...

When we picked the car up in Geneva, because it was after office hours, a representive of Peugeot was there to meet us.

After doing the little bit of paperwork he actually drove in front of us showing the way to our hotel which was about 10 minutes from the airport in a lovely little village called Ferny-Voltaire.

The drop off point at Nice Airport was also easy to find and use. 
One tip I would give to your future customers is to do what we did. Pick up the car at a small airport, like Geneva, and drive on small secondary roads for the first few days.

We travelled on all small 'A' roads right through Switzerland which gave us time to get used to driving in Europe. It also gave us the opportunity to see the real Switzerland, Italy and Southern France, and to stay in small towns were the local people were really nice.

N Hurley. May-June, 2005

We drove 12,500kms in 10 weeks...

We drove 12,500 kms in 10 weeks, after picking up our Peugeot 207 Premium Pack HDi diesel 1.6L (with GPS) in Calais. We drove through France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany... 

It performed faultlessly.

While the GPS coverage was a little sparse inCroatia and Slovenia,having a car with GPS was a key part in the success of our overall holiday.

Congratulations on an excellent service in Calais and Paris CDG Airport, and of course for the arrangements in New Zealand.

P & J Martell, Auckland
(March-May 2009)

Camping in Europe...

We have just returned from spending the month of April camping in Europe.

The car we selected was a Peugeot 308SW, automatic with the 2.0L turbo diesel engine, with GPS and the glass roof. A brilliant car. 

It handled all of our camping gear, the 4 of us (5 at times), cruised at 140km/hour and still averaged 7.4 litres per 100km! It was even fun to drive on the windy B roads. 

The pick up in Paris was quick and easy, as was the drop off at Paris CDG Airport. The staff were very helpful, if a little surprised at how much gear was to go into the back of the car! 

We covered 9400km in total through France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Mainly on the toll roads, which allowed us to cover distance quickly and easily. We did almost 700kms in one big day across Switzerland and France. The scenery helped pass the time, and the trays in the back seats were a bonus. We experienced all sorts of weather conditions, from sunshine and warm temperatures, to driving snow and sub-zero. The 308SW never missed a beat. 

The GPS was a great idea as we soon came to rely on "Jo-Jo". We saw parts of Europe that we never would have without the GPS. Rural towns, deserted roads and stunning scenery were an added bonus to getting to where we wanted to go. Although she did get a little confused near Venice when we were on a new motorway that she didn't know about! We soon learnt to make the GPS give us the answers we wanted, and it gave us the freedom to travel off the main routes at any time. 

The MP3 jack in the glove box was big help. It meant we could listen to our tunes and not have to carry CD's. 

We had a great trip and showed our girls some of the best parts of Europe. Enough fun for them to want to start planning the next trip!

J Logan, Auckland
(April 2009)

It's all very well when trips go smoothly...

It's all very well when trips go smoothly, but the real test of service is when they don't. 
It was 9pm on a Sunday evening in Stuttgart, the Euro 2008 football competition in the quarter final stages, and I burst the right front and rear tires of our Peugeot 308 on a kerb that I swear moved out a metre to catch me. One call to the freecall 24hour 'Peugeot Assistance' service number and "the towtruck will be there within the hour, sir, and I will call in 2 hours to check you have arrived safely to your hotel".

Yeah, right.

Well, actually; Yeah. Absolutely right. Within 40 minutes the truck was there, the car hoisted on the back, and we were driven the 25 km back to the hotel. At 11pm a ring from France, checking we were safe and happy and asking me to contact them directly if there were any further problems.

When the under-staffed and over-worked local dealer had not finshed replacing tires and rims within 2 days, a call to the same helpline had our car on the road in 6 hours.

We found the Peugeot 308 a dream for the two of us with a couple of suitcases and hand luggage, able to cruise comfortably at 130 km/hr on the wonderful toll roads. The english speaking GPS is a must. Armed with that and a Lonely Planet, the strongest recommendation I would make is for a laptop or notebook with wireless Vodaphone access to internet sites such as Wotif. We found internet cafes few and far between, and relatively expensive (5 euro for 30 mins).

We are already planning our next European trip with a Peugeot.

The attached photo is of our 308 outside the Domaine de Brandois, a wonderful hotel near Sables d'olonne on the Atlantic coast.

J Petrie, Rotorua
(Jun-Jul 2008)

This is something that could be worth telling customers...

Certain countries in Europe (eg. Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and possibly others) do NOT have toll booths on motorways. Instead they charge a fee for a motorway "toll sticker". It's called a "Vignette" and can be purchased at the borders and service stations, and is available for varying periods of time. 

There is an option in the GPS to avoid toll roads. However, the GPS does not consider the motorways of these countries as toll roads and will therefore include them in the route.

The penalties can be quite nasty if you are caught, and "yes" we did use them inadvertently in the Czech Republic for 200km and "no" we did not get caught.

J & T Pullen, Auckland
(Jun-Jul 2008)

Before we went I read with interest your web pages with customer's tales...

Before we went I read with interest your web pages with customers' tales and hoped I've have some good stories. 
Firstly, our plane was 6 hours late in Porto, we had rung Peugeot to advise and they were there waiting. 
Absolutely faultless service (in English too, even though my Portuguese is passable).

The car had 13km on the clock, from the dealership to the airport, and sufficient diesel to get us over 50km (even though the representative pointed out that there was a fuel station in every direction 15mins from the airport). 

Our 207 1.4L diesel manual was ideal. Comfortable, economical and room enough for 2 adults, 2 small children and luggage (we travel exceptionally light). 

In returning the car, we had rung, as instructed before-hand, and again the representative was there for the inspection and handover. Their office at Porto is a good 750m from the Departure Terminal but they still dropped us off at the door. 

I would strongly recommend to anyone to investigate using EuroLease vs a typical car hire firm. 
Peace of mind, competitive pricing, new car and top service.

S Anderson, Hamilton
(August 2008)

We were warned of bandits in Spain...

We were warned of bandits who, at lights or roundabouts, puncture a tyre and then offer to help you fix it, while at the same time making off with your valuables.

Our tyre was punctured on the outskirts of Valencia. Bandits came to offer their help, but we drove on the bad tyre until we were able to stop and replace it.

Next day we found a Peugeot garage, had the tyre replaced and then went to the police to record the story & obtain a police report so we could be reimbursed for the tyre.

We were grateful for the warning, ensuring we were one step ahead and our holiday was not ruined with replacing passports, credit cards etc.

M Gifford, Oamaru (2006)