Country requirements

It is the Contract Holder’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of the driving requirements through each European country. The below information should help get you started...


Click here for an overview of road rules and requirements through Europe, country by country.
Please note that this link is to the UK's AA web-site so please bear this in mind when you are reading it.

It is a legal requirement in most European countries to carry an emergency triangle and reflectorised jacket.
Peugeot provides one emergency triangle and one reflectorised jacket.
The jacket must be carried inside the vehicle, so you can put it on before exiting the vehicle.


Google “toll roads in Europe” and “vignettes in Europe” to be sure you know which countries have ‘pay as you go’ toll roads, and which require the purchase of a ‘vignette’ (sticker) prior to driving on their motorways. We recommend you choose the Wikipedia website entries for the most thorough and trustworthy information.



You can apply for a Crit’Air certificate (sticker) at a cost of about EUR4 only after you have collected your vehicle.
Visit this website:  
As the sticker can only be posted to your home address, you should print the receipt you receive via email and refer towards the bottom of the page. There is a section with a QR code and CRIT’Air logo + licence plate number. You should cut and tape this section onto the inside right-hand side of your windscreen, facing out.
While we are informed there is a EUR68 fine if you fail to have this sticker, it seems there has been a lot of flexibility to date.
The cities that require this sticker are listed on the website (currently Paris, Grenoble, Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Toulouse).



In 2012 a new law was introduced in France requiring all drivers to carry a Breathalyser kit.
This law was modified by the Decree of the 28th of February 2013 where the French Government confirmed that drivers will not be penalised for not having a breathalyzer kit in their vehicle and the fine for not carrying one, that was supposed to start on the 1st of March 2013, was removed.
If you intend to sample France's wonderful wines, and drive, you should purchase a breathalyser kit from a supermarket / fuel station so that you can be sure you are well under the limit - ensuring your vehicle insurance is not void and you, your passengers and fellow road users are kept as safe as possible.


Note: our vehicles are fitted with standard tyres.
To meet legal requirements of some countries over the winter months you may need a vehicle with special winter tyres and/or snow chains. Plus, on some roads is it a legal requirement to at least CARRY chains over the winter months.

Click here for more information.
If you are planning to drive through any countries that require special tyres, please contact us for more information.


If you intend driving in Germany, please ensure you are aware of the Environmental Badge that is required in a growing number of cities and towns (known as 'environmental zones').
Click here for more information.
You would normally arrange this when you first enter a town/city that requires the badge, as obtaining a copy of your registration certificate (to order on-line) is only possible approximately 2 weeks prior to your collection.
Environmental badges can be obtained from most new car dealerships throughout Germany at a cost of approx EUR8.


Portuguese Customs require all customers driving a tax-free car into Portugal (if collected outside Portugal) to be able to prove that they are not spending more than 90 days in Portugal. This means that you must obtain a GUIA DE CIRCULACAO document on border entry or at a customs office at a major airport or city within Portugal. Our understanding is that this document will cost approx EUR5. The fine for not obtaining this document, if you happen to be stopped, is unknown at this stage.

Note: if you collect your vehicle in Portugal this document is not required.


Portugal have introduced a number of "electronic" toll roads, where you must prepay to be on them or risk being fined many hundreds of Euros.
Click here for more information. (Remember, there is always a free alternative route if it all gets too hard.)


An International Drivers Permit is required if driving in Italy and outside the EU. However, we recommend this for all customers.
t will cost about $40 from the AA. Click here to be taken to their site.