Welcome to Peugeot EuroLease 

If you are planning a driving holiday in Europe, you have come to the right place.

Peugeot EuroLease is Auckland based and is New Zealand's No 1 car leasing brand for Europe - only available to tourists who do not reside in the European Union.

The key benefits of a Peugeot EuroLease are:

- brand new tax-free left-hand drive Peugeot

- unlimited kms

- no additional driver fees (restrictions apply)

- comprehensive insurance with no excess - including cover for 'wrong fuel', tyres and glass repair

- you can drive your vehicle through many more countries than a rental car allows: including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and many many more

- your payment and paperwork is all completed in New Zealand - ensuring no last minute surprises or unexpected charges on collection/return.

Feel free to contact us before, during or after your holiday with any questions, for support, or to pass on any feedback.

PS - do you like our photos throughout the website? Almost all of them have been taken by past customers. Feel free to email us a few of yours!