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Peugeot EuroLease price-list

Click here for our END OF SEASON SPECIALS including FREE FEES or up to $400 FUEL REBATE, depending on collection date/vehicle!


2017 - SHORT-TERM prices

END OF SEASON SHORT-TERM PRICING SALE! Available if you only need a car for 14-17 days or 18-20 days! Book by 30 September 2017 and collect by 31 December 2017.

Please note, all of our vehicles are LEFT-HAND DRIVE vehicles, including vehicles that are collected in London.
Prices on this web-site are available to NZ residents or NZ passport holders only, and all pricing is subject to change without notice.

Availability, especially in automatics, is limited so we recommend you book before Christmas.
Feel free to book before you finalise your itinerary, however please bear in mind that while we will not generally charge an amendment fee (refer our Terms & Conditions) all amendments are subject to availability - particularly if you are changing your vehicle or collection date / location. 
Note: a name change will incur a minimum $250 fee, although this may not be possible within 28 days of collection.


WINTER DRIVING (November to March, or as the weather requires)
To meet the legal requirements of some countries over the winter months (November - March, or as the weather requires) you may need a vehicle with special tyres and/or snow chains. Plus, on some roads is it a legal requirement to at least CARRY chains over the winter months. 
Click here for more information.
Peugeot has limited vehicles with "GRIP" technology, meeting the legal requirements for winter driving, as long as chains are also purchased locally (in Europe) at an extra cost.
Note: A "Grip" vehicle, together with snow chains (additional cost - purchased locally) meets the legal requirements in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy etc over the winter months in Europe. Working in slow motion conditions, the Grip Control system (a special patented control system) manages all 4-wheels together with the steering wheel angle and brakes, to keep the best grip possible. This means that when the Grip function is activated (via a dial setting controlled by the driver), you will receive improved grip and traction in snowy conditions, when travelling at speeds of below 80km/hr.