Peugeot 5008 SUV

The brand new Peugeot 5008 SUV is available from late 2017.
An ideal vehicle for up to 7 people - however please note that there is very little luggage room when all 7 seats are used.
Arrival of this new model into New Zealand showrooms is scheduled for late 2017.
Just 11cm longer than the 'old' 5008 MPV, plus a little more luggage room!

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Doors: 5 door 
Seating: 5 people (7 people with 2-3 soft bags).
Dimensions: 4.64 metres long & 1.84 metres wide (plus side mirrors) 
Covered luggage volume: approx 700 VDA litres (to be confirmed)
Boot dimensions (under luggage cover): to be advised
Suitcases: 4 large + 2 medium. 
(Large = 69x55x24cm, Medium = 63x51x22cm, Small = 54x40x21cm 

FUEL CONSUMPTION (mixed city/town and open road driving) 
To be advised
(Note: Fuel tank = to be advised.)

All vehicles come with a vehicle manual in French only (not English). 
To view or download the full vehicle manual in English, CLICK HERE (not available yet).
Please note: depending on the exact model you have booked, some features detailed in this document may not be available to you. Please use this information as it is intended, which is to assist you in the operation of the vehicle you have booked.