Peugeot 3008 SUV

Winner - 2017 European Car of the Year!
Be one of the first to drive the brand new award-winning Peugeot 3008 SUV!
Just 10cm longer than the 'old' 3008 Crossover but with 20% more luggage room!
And very good back seat leg room.

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A "Grip" vehicle, together with snow chains (additional cost - purchased locally) meets the legal requirements in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy etc over the winter months in Europe. Working in slow motion conditions, the Grip Control system (a special patented control system) manages all 4-wheels together with the steering wheel angle and brakes, to keep the best grip possible. This means that when the Grip function is activated (via a dial setting controlled by the driver), you will receive improved grip and traction in snowy conditions, when travelling at speeds of below 80km/hr.

Doors: 5 door 
Seating: 2 adults + 2-3 children, or 3-4 adults and sensible luggage
Dimensions: 4.47 metres long & 1.84 metres wide (plus side mirrors) 
Covered luggage volume: 520 VDA litres 
Boot dimensions (under luggage cover): 1.05m wide x .60m high x .85m deep (floor) or .55m deep (top)*
* Depth of boot reduces the higher up you go due to the angle of the rear seats.
Suitcases: 4 large (as per dimensions below)
(Large = 69x55x24cm, Medium = 63x51x22cm, Small = 54x40x21cm) 







Above: Luggage for 3 adults (1 large + 2 medium suitcases) & 2 small backpacks.

All vehicles come with a vehicle manual in French only (not English). 
To view or download the full vehicle manual in English CLICK HERE
Please note: depending on the exact model you have booked, some features detailed in this document may not be available to you. Please use this information as it is intended, which is to assist you in the operation of the vehicle you have booked.