What you need to know

Everything you need to know about Peugeot EuroLease...

Nervous about staying on the "right" side of the road?
When turning corners remember "TIGHT RIGHT - LOOSE LEFT".
When turning RIGHT turn the corner TIGHT. When turning LEFT make it a LOOSE turn.
(Not applicable when driving in the UK and Ireland.)

2017 Booking Conditions

Our 2017 Booking Terms & Conditions cover the most important information you should be aware of when leasing a Peugeot in Europe - including who can drive the vehicle, where you can drive, cancellation policy and more. While it may seem a lot to take in, it covers almost every aspect of your lease ensuring you know exactly what is required.



You are now reimbursed if you get a puncture (garage invoice must include your name and vehicle registration number).
Plus, if you accidently put the wrong fuel in your vehicle (eg. petrol in a diesel car) Peugeot will cover the cost of repairs.
Repairs can take some time though, depending on the damage, so do try not to make this mistake!
Please note: if you do not return the following items with your vehicle you will be charged as follows:
Lost key: EUR200
Registration certificate: EUR200
GPS SD card (if applicable): EUR200
Safety Kit (emergency triangle/jacket): EUR25
Note: returning any of the above items to Peugeot Paris or Peugeot EuroLease NZ will not avoid the above charges as they are required almost immediately in order to sell the vehicle.