Leasing vs car rental

The benefits of leasing a brand new Peugeot...

Leasing a car gets all the paperwork out of the way before you go. 
No "sign here, here and here please" without being given an hour to read the fine print on the back of your rental agreement. 

Plus, unlike rental cars, Peugeot EuroLease provide you with a comprehensive Practical Guidebook that covers everything from delivery procedures to insurance cover / claim procedures, servicing requirements, countries where you can drive, Peugeot's fuel policy, information on extending your lease and much more.

Other benefits of leasing a Peugeot over taking a rental car include:
- you receive a brand new left-hand drive Peugeot
- your Peugeot includes an anti-theft device
- you can be as young as 18yrs
- there is no maximum age limit
- your comprehensive insurance policy also includes glass, "wrong fuel" and punctures!
- there is no insurance excess (this is usually over $1000 with a rental car)
- there are no additional driver fees (conditions apply)
- there are no airport / train station service fees
- no waiting in queues while clients sign/query contracts and charges
- you can drive your Peugeot in many more countries than rental car companies allow
- additional "personal accident" insurance benefits are included
- no hefty fuel surcharges when you forget to return your car full of fuel (you should return it empty!)

Plus, unless due to unforeseen circumstances (which is very seldom), you will not receive a "free upgrade" on arrival. A "free upgrade" is quite common with rental car companies, but with higher fuel costs and those wonderfully narrow village streets to negotiate your way through, a "free upgrade" is not something most people want in Europe.