I have worked in the New Zealand travel industry, selling UK/Europe, for more than 20 years.
Why have I chosen to "live and breathe” Peugeot EuroLease for more than 15 years?
Peugeot EuroLease really is unique. There aren't many products out there that offer a premium brand at the best conditions … and are also often the cheapest option! 

A real highlight for me is receiving so much positive feedback, including some stunning photos (used in our brochures and on our website every year) from our customers once they have returned to New Zealand – or even while they are still on holiday! As a Peugeot EuroLease customer you can rest assured that even once you have collected your Peugeot, we are still here in the background ready to help with advice or support throughout your holiday – whether you want to change your return location, report a small incident that may have involved a narrow bridge and missing side mirror (!), help liaise with Peugeot Assistance if needed and much more. 

Peugeot is the number 1 brand for car leasing in Europe, both world-wide and from New Zealand, with 85% of New Zealanders having chosen Peugeot in 2015! So if you're new to all of this, sit back and relax and let us take care of you.

Delwyn Sinclair - Manager

I have more than 13 years experience in the New Zealand travel industry, specialising in travel to UK/Europe. I have also travelled through the UK, France and Italy. I've been with Peugeot EuroLease for over 3 years and it is a fantastic product - I love my job! Nothing makes me happier than ensuring your experience is a memorable one!

Ranjeeta Sharma - Senior Reservations Consultant






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